LETTER | County extorting city with jail costs


To the editor:

The last time I checked, the residents of Philadelphia are paying the same county tax as the residents of the county and a city tax on top of that. 

In other words, the jail already belongs to the city as much as it does to the county. Besides, after processing, all felons automatically transfer to the county and state.

The city of Philadelphia should not have to pay ANY amount, let alone an increase.

Bravo to Mayor Young (a Democrat) for running the city like a business and refusing to give in to an increase by transferring prisoners to Winston County.

This is just another example of double-dipping where city residents have to pay more to get less.

Maybe if we gave Sherriff Clark adequate funding he would not have to resort to extortion.

David Carter

David Carter is Chairman of the Neshoba Republican Party

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