Just Among Friends

Just Among Friends


Congratulations to Bishop Clifton and May Jones who celebrated 55 years of marriage on September1! Their children and grandchildren were so happy to help them remember this very special day.  


This year Sam and June Nowell's annual "Fall Foliage Trip" took them to the mountains of New Hampshire and the quaint little town of Lincoln, which served as their base of exploration for the area.  

Lincoln is nestled in the White Mountains which are gorgeous this time of year. Covered bridges were one of the interesting sights which are very special to this part of the United States. The original purpose of covering the bridges was to protect the wooden trusses from the weather so they would not rot.  The long winters were, and are, filled with frequent heavy snowfalls. Covering them helped solve the problem.  As time passed, the bridges evolved into historical treasures. Sam and June saw several which were so interesting.  Their favorite was an older one which looked the part of its special history.

There were waterfalls tumbling down the mountainsides around Lincoln which added much enjoyment to the Nowell's sight-seeing excursions. There were colorful displays of pumpkins and apples for sale outdoors in the sunshine. The trees were wearing their fall clothing of bright red, yellow, and gold. The weather was perfect! 

Dining in locally owned restaurants was another treat which they really appreciated.  They were amused to note a chardonnay from the "Chloe" winery on the menu where they ate their last dinner. They have a precious white lab pup named Chloe who had to remain in Mississippi with a sitter! Of course, they had to sample it.

Time passed quickly, as it always does when one is having fun, and Sam and June had to leave the towering mountains and return to Mississippi with many new memories to share with their family, friends, and Chloe.    


Philadelphia's Class of 1981 held its 40th Class Reunion on October 2 at Dancing Rabbit Inn. There were 38 members of the class who attended.

The event was organized and planned by Tim Willis and Terri Cox McCarver. Sadly, Tim Willis passed away three weeks before the event. He was so excited about it and, according to Terri, had done most of the work. The finishing touches were done by Terri, Suzette Richardson Chunn, Mary Ann Williams Coghlan, and Lucy Ruffin Morgan. The Dancing Rabbit staff also did a wonderful job, and were so helpful.

The dining tables were covered in red tablecloths with black upholstered chairs around them. Each table had a centerpiece of three star shaped balloons in the Philly colors of red, black and white floating above. It looked so festive. The dinner was delicious, too.

A memorial table covered in a red cloth held a tray of candles and the names of those classmates and teachers who were no longer among the living. A DJ played music after dinner for those who wished to dance or just listen.  Most of the evening was spent reminiscing and catching up on each other's lives. It was so much fun!     


Our community seems to pull together when someone needs help and work together to provide whatever is needed. It is an awesome characteristic which many have experienced and appreciated through the years.

In keeping with this characteristic, a special blood drive for Mary Mosley Pickering was held on September 30 at Neshoba Central Hospital.  The response was so great that 127 individuals donated blood.  Mary Mo, as she is affectionately called, is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Since leukemia patients frequently need blood transfusions or platelets, this incredible donation of units was invaluable to her treatment. Her parents, Blake and Jessica Long Pickering, were overwhelmed by such generosity and appreciate each and every person who donated.  


Each month the Philadelphia Public School District selects a teacher as the subject of its Teacher Feature which is posted on social media along with a picture and some Fun Facts. September's teacher was Penelope Saxton who teaches at Philadelphia Elementary School.

She was recognized for a job well done. Not only is she a good teacher, she also is an amazing baker who makes very creative cookies in special shapes and decorates them! Cake baking and decorating is another one of her talents.

Mattie Hudson of State Farm of Philadelphia donated a gift card to McAllisters which was presented to the featured teacher. Congratulations!


A very welcome visitor arrived in Philadelphia from Dickson, Tennessee, recently to spend time with her Philly family. Delores Edmisson's daughters, Deena Dansby and Mickie Williams were beyond happy to have their mother with them again.

Her Philadelphia grandchildren and great grandchildren love to have their grandmother visit with them and always treasure the time they have together. Steve Dansby and Sid Williams were also glad to have this very special lady making new memories with their families.

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