Just Among Friends


Welcome to the world, Eleanor Kathryn Johnson! She arrived on May 28 weighing 6 pounds and15 ounces of pure sweetness. Her parents are Brent and Mollie Claire McKay Johnson who were joyfully waiting to meet her.

Eleanor Kathryn is named for her two great-grandmothers. Her first name is shared with her maternal great-grandmother and her middle name with her paternal great-grandmother. Her Philadelphia grandparents are Don and Sharon Tingle McKay. Congratulations!


The gorgeous floral arrangement in the First Baptist Church on Sunday, May 30 was in honor of Barney and Lavinia Nowell's 70th Wedding Anniversary. The couple has been a vital part of the Philadelphia community for many wonderful years. Congratulations on reaching this iconic milestone.


The 14th Annual Dansby-Williams Memorial Day Fishing Tournament was a great success! The Steve Dansby and Sid Williams families and friends celebrated Memorial Day with a huge fish fry complete with all of the side dishes. The fish were freshly caught in the lake hours before being cooked.

There were teams of two people competing to see who could catch the most fish during the time allotted. The fishermen worked happily to pull in as many fish as possible for their dinner. Partners, Bo Eakes and Jack Butler, caught the most fish. The other partners were TJ and Hutt Rushing, Steve Dansby and Barrett Little, Chris Butler, and Sid Williams, James Savage and Payton Little. Catching the most fish in the young age group were Jack Butler and Hutt Rushing.

While the fishermen fished, the wives and children congregated at Barrett and Kelly Little's home for finger foods and pool time. When the fishermen returned with their catch of the day, everyone enjoyed a fabulous fish fry! Great tradition!


At the beginning of the National Youth Cutting Horse Association show season, Annie Kate White set a goal to make it into the top 15 of the world finals so she could compete in the NYCHA Finals in Ft. Worth, Texas. She recently achieved her goal!

It was no easy task for Annie Kate to make her dream come true. She worked hard, kept up her grades, overcame frustrations, made a lot of sacrifices, and celebrated big! She rode an amazing horse, Cat Man Blue" Bear," as he is affectionately known. Annie Kate persevered and is now excitedly looking forward to the National Youth Cutting Horse Association World Finals on July 26-31 in Fort Worth Texas. Her very proud parents are William and Leigh Ann Hatcher White who have been so supportive of her participation in this sport. Philadelphia grandparents are Roy and Barbara White. Congratulations and best of luck in Fort Worth!


An iconic birthday was celebrated on May 30 at the Madison County Nursing Home where Mrs. Allie Mae Creel observed her 103rd birthday! She was surrounded by members of her family who were delighted to be together on this special occasion. Due to the pandemic, the family had not visited as a group for over a year.

She is affectionately known as "Mamaw" to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and others who are well acquainted with her. One of her favorite grandchildren, (according to him), is Tony Alexander who attended with his wife, Gwen Breazeale Alexander.  Mrs. Creel's daughter is Rita Alexander Lott, formerly of Philadelphia, but now a resident of Brandon, who helped plan the event for her mother.

The gift of time is the most precious gift that can be given to someone that is loved. Time to remember and renew, as well as create more memories to cherish as time rushes by, is a priceless present. Happy, Happy Birthday.

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