Inmate flees for birthday supper


A Neshoba County jail inmate escaped custody while being booked last Thursday to enjoy a birthday dinner at his mother’s home near Dixon.

Jacob Ryan Dove, 29, of 10720 Road 149 has been brought back into custody after he escaped from the Neshoba County jail Thursday afternoon and ended up on the Fork Road in a ditch. 

Sheriff Eric Clark said they brought Dove back into custody later that evening without incident at his mother’s home on Road 2412 near Dixon.

He is charged with felony escape, three counts of credit card fraud and a hold for the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County, Texas. 

Clark said that they want him in Texas on possession of a controlled substance charge. 

Dove remains in the Neshoba County Detention Center on a $110,000 bond, $50,000 of which is for the escape charge and $20,000 for each fraud charge. 

Dove was arrested last Thursday, Feb. 25, his birthday. Clark said law enforcement’’s interaction with Dove began that morning when deputies investigated a suspicious vehicle parked on Road 339 in the Dixon community. Clark said they found Dove passed out in the driver’s seat. 

At that time deputies discovered there were multiple warrants out for Dove’s arrest for credit card fraud.

Clark said that while Dove was being processed at the jail he was able to find a door that had not properly latched. He then scaled a fence and went over the razor wire.

In the process, he injured himself and lost his jail-issued flip flops, leaving him barefoot in a black t-shirt with black pants.

“He hit the woods on us,” Clark said.

Clark said that they then chased Dove. They know he went to the northeast and was last spotted near the south end of the airport runway before an unsuspecting Good Samaritan picked him up on Road 383 or Fork Road.

Clark said a passing vehicle saw him in the ditch and Dove told the driver that he had had a wreck on his dirt bike in the woods and needed a ride to his friend’s house. Clark said the driver took him to a friend's house in the Linwood community.

Clark said that they would then catch up with Dove again near Dixon around 9 p.m. at his mother’s home.

Clark said Dove surrendered without incident and was treated for wounds suffered while scaling the fence at the jail and running around barefoot.

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