Henson announces plans to run against Young for mayor


Ward 4 Alderman Cassie Henson has announced her intention to run for mayor of Philadelphia this summer against incumbent three-term Mayor James A. Young.

“I understand not being able to find a job, I understand the struggle of a complete/single parent home. I understand the concerns of violence in our communities, and I understand the concerns for our school district,” she said in a Facebook post on Dec. 29.

Young announced his candidacy in early December.

“I understand not having affordable housing, or working jobs without feasible pay. I understand people are homeless with no where to go, I understand that we all want greater for ourselves, families, friends, and communities! “

Henson currently represents Ward 4. She was appointed in February 2017 to fill the seat left vacant by the death of longtime Democrat Alderman Cecil Nichols in January.

Henson is the daughter of the late Charles Henson, who served four terms as Ward 4 alderman.

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