September 4, 1942

A full-time Red Cross office through which all inquiries, requests, information and other details of local Home Service work will be cleared, has been set up in the War Price and Rationing Board office with Miss Serena Alderman as Executive Secretary.    

September 6, 1952

The Neshoba County Agricultural Mobilization committee recently completed plans for Farm Policy Review meetings to determine what farmers in each community think about services reaching them from the United State Department of Agriculture, according to Irby W. Majure, committee chairman. This is part of a nation-wide study to help the USDA learn how it can improve its services to the nation’s family farms.   


September 6, 1962

Richard G. (Dick) Stribling was elected President of the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Chamber of Commerce for 1963 at a meeting of the Board of Directors last week. He will succeed Dr. Pete Rhymes on January 1, 1963. Elected to serve with the new president were Rayford Jones, vice-president, and Josh McCauley, treasurer.  

September 7, 1972

Walter McDonald today announced his candidacy for the office of election commissioner for District Two of Neshoba County. McDonald is a resident of the Coy community. In announcing, McDonald said: “I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the important office of election commissioner for District Two, Neshoba County. First let me thank you for the support you have given me in the past. I hope I have lived up to the trust you have given me. I am asking again for you to support me, this time in my bid for election commissioner.”    

September 4, 1982

A demonstration and exhibit of fabric art will begin the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Arts Council’s year of activities. Jackson artist Nancy Mosley will be featured. The exhibit will hang for the month of September in the Neshoba County Library. Ms. Mosley will hold a demonstration and discussion of her techniques Saturday morning beginning at 10. The demonstration includes designing and dyeing using French acid dyes and resist on silks and other fabrics in her wearable art.           


September 4, 1992 

“Gold of El Dorada”, a photographic display that highlights the beauty and allure of native goldwork in pre-conquest America, is on display in the Neshoba County Public Library. This exhibit was brought to Mississippi by the Columbus Quincentenary Committee as part of the celebration commemorating Columbus’ first journey to the Americas. The official celebrations will take place in Mississippi and the nation, and will mark 500 years of European-American contact.     


September 2, 2002

U. S Rep. Gregg Harper talks with members of the Board of Supervisors last week in the courthouse about issues that are important to his constituents. Harper complimented the board on the proposed plan for a new county hospital.  


September 7, 2012

Neshoba County posted the state’s seventh lowest jobless rate in July at 9.3 percent. Meanwhile, the number of employed people in Neshoba County has plunged 10 percent since 2006, an analysis by The Neshoba Democrat shows. Nearly 2,000 fewer people are working in Neshoba County since 2006.

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