August 28, 1942

Using a limited supply of Red Cross practice material, 22 Philadelphia women who will supervise the making of Neshoba County’s quotas of surgical dressings received their first lesson from Miss Jimmie Land, local instructor.    

August 30, 1952

Cotton is opening fast in Neshoba County and with favorable weather prevailing, cotton pickers are busy gathering “white gold”. They are estimating over slightly more than 1,000 bales had been ginned.   


August 30, 1962

The Choctaw Indian Fair went into its second day today and judging of exhibits highlighted yesterday’s program. Today’s activities begin at 1:00 p.m. with a baseball game followed by a blow gun contest, milk drinking contest, stick ball throwing contest and drum beating contest.  

August 31, 1972

Two Philadelphia Elementary School teachers have been selected as Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America for 1972, according to Mrs. Audine Agent, Principal. They are Mrs. Mary Katherine Powers and Miss Beulah Hanna, and were selected for this national honor on the basis of their professional and civic achievements.    

August 28, 1982

Bart Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Moore, receives the James Moore 4-H Dairy Memorial Award from Gerald Taylor, Extension dairy specialist, Mississippi State University. Bart was the top dairy exhibitor at the 1985 Neshoba County Fair Dairy Show; and Mrs. James Moore and sons, Bryan and Timothy. James Moore was an exceptional 4-H Dairy Club Member known state-wide for his outstanding Jersey animals.           


August 28, 1992 

The Philadelphia-Neshoba County Arts Council will sponsor a workshop on how to design and make stained glass pieces using the Lewis Tiffany Method. The workshop will be taught by Bill Lauderdale, who has over 12 years of experience in this art. He began his stained-glass vocation with Southeastern Art Glass in Atlanta, Georgia.     


August 28, 2002

Charles Mars, a retired businessman, will be honored this week at Philadelphia and Neshoba County’s 2002 Citizen of the Year. C.D. Smith, district manager of Bell South, will present the award during the Community Development Partnership Banquet.  


August 31, 2012

Road Crews with W.E. Blain and Sons Inc. are resurfacing an area of Mississippi 15 North near Union. After tarring the road, the crews laid a fabric on top to ensure the asphalt is placed on a flat surface and leveled out. The work began at the Neshoba-Newton line and will continue to where the road expands to four lanes in Philadelphia.

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