May 16, 1942

France is ready to renew her pledge that no French warship will be used by the Axis against the Allies, and to immobilize the three warships at Martinique, but she refuses to hand over the tankers and merchant ships there to the United States, the Vichy Government informed Washington in a formal note Wednesday. Delivery of merchant shipping tied up at the French Caribbean island estimated at 140.000 tons would violate French commitments under the 1940 armistice convention not to surrender shipping to enemies of the Axis the note said. The German controlled Paris newspaper Matin predicted Wednesday that the ships would be scuttled if the United States tried to take them over by force. 

May 15, 1952

A young Philadelphian, now on the front lines in Korea, read an article in the Neshoba Democrat a few weeks back, stating that the High School Band was invited to go to New York and participate in the American Legion National convention parade in August, sent One Hundred Dollars to Band Mother, Mrs. M. G. Underwood, this week. James Early Hutchinson, who finished the local high school in 1945, was a member of the Philadelphia High Band before World War II, and said he had “dreamed of taking such a trip, while a member in that organization.” His dream never did materialize, but when he saw where his former alma mater students had the opportunity of fulfilling his dream, he “dug deep” in his soldier trousers and generously and unselfishly, has made it possible for one and a part of one band member to take the trip.     

May 15, 1962

The Board of Directors of the Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company of St. Louis and U. S. Electrical Motors, Inc. of Los Angeles, have just agreed on the basis of the merger of the two companies, it was announced jointly by Mr. W. R. Persons, President of the Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company, and Mr. George T. Pledger, President of the U. S. Electrical Motors, INC. this week. The agreement signed by both companies provides for the insurance of shares of Emerson Electric’s $1.00 par value common in exchange for the business and net assets of U. S. Electrical Motors, INC. The agreement is subject to the approval of the stockholders of both companies and upon a favorable tax ruling. 

May 14, 1972

The 1970 Census of Housing counted 7,048 housing units in Neshoba County, and 5,713 households had at least one television set, the Bureau of the Census, U. S. Department of Commerce, announced today. The figures are from the first report of Mississippi which presents detailed statistics on housing for each county. The report shows that in the county; there were 2,670 housing units with air conditioning, 2,334 with room unites and 336 with a central system, 4,091 unites with clothes washing, 1,417 with a clothes dryer, and 349 with a dish washer. 

May 15, 1982

On May 13th 1982 Most Neshoba Countians were surprised when the Goodyear Blimp passed over the area. Skip Scherer, a spokesman for Goodyear in Akron, Ohio, said that the blimp, the Airship America, was en route to Baltimore from Dallas. Scherer said that normally in a cross country flight there were two pilots on board the blimp and that the ship’s speed was approximately 35 mph.     


May 14, 1992

The Mississippi legislature approved a bill Friday that would allow voters, under certain conditions and with certain limitations, to initiate state constitutional amendments. Secretary of State Dick Molpus labeled the bill a “shadow” of the original initiative and referendum proposal. 


May 16, 2002

The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event promises a night of family fun Friday according to chairman Lynda Stribling. Musical entertainment, team competitions a talent show and an Elvis contests are among the many activities planned during the fund-raising event. The relay will begin at 6 p.m. with a cancer survivor’s reception, chaired by Jo Fulton, on the football field at Philadelphia High School. 


May 17, 2012

A 16-year-old juvenile has been charged in connection with a shooting incident in the parking lot of Depot Marketplace on May 5th. The juvenile is charged with discharging a firearm inside the city, said Philadelphia Police Chief Dickie Sistrunk. Officers responded to a report of shots being fired at 11:13 p.m. When officers arrived on scene, Sistrunk said they were told a carload of people had just left the parking lot with the alleged shooter driving. Officers were able to obtain the vehicles color and further description as well as the license plate number from witnesses and late stopped the car on Martin Luther King Dr. 

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