May 2, 1942

The Japanese invader was rapidly cutting Burma apart last night, imminently threatening the isolation of China from all existing effective supply communications with the Allies and the general gloom of the Allied position in the Pacific – Indian Oceans was relieved only by the fact that powerful new American forces had arrived in Australia.

May 1, 1952

Unlike the old infantry refrain of “Tramp, tramp, tramp the for the boys are marching,” it will be “Merrily, merrily we roll along” as 65 officers and enlisted men of Philadelphia’s National Guard tank unit depart next Saturday morning at six o’clock for a weekend of field training at Camp Shelby.     

May 1, 1962

L. B. Priester of Meridian was awarded the general construction contract for the U. S. Motors plant to be built on the Haddock property north of Philadelphia, at the meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alderman Tuesday night. The contract price was $419.041.00.

Ivy Plumbing and Electric Company of Kosciusko was awarded the plumbing contract for $86,379.00, and the electrical contract went to Triplett Electric Company of Louisville, for $65,680.00. The bid on the Sprinkler system, was awarded to Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America of Birmingham, Alabama for $21,925.00.  


APRIL 30, 1972

The Selective Service SysteThe Farmers Home Administration had approved a loan of $58,000 to Central Water Association to extend its rural water system, Rep. G. V. Montgomery said. “The funds will be used for 6 additional miles of distribution line to service 60 more families in the southeastern part of Neshoba County,” Montgomery said. “When the expansion is completed, a total of 1,290 families and businesses will enjoy the modern water services of the association.”  

May 1, 1982

The Philadelphia Board of Alderman voted Tuesday night to advertise for bids on new “turn-out” gear for the Philadelphia Fire Department. Alderman – at – large Plez Tinsley, who serves as Fire Commissioner, said that “we have the money to pay for this equipment in the budget, and we need to give our men the best equipment available. The old gear is ragged, and it’s dangerous to send the firemen into a burning building in this old gear.”   


APRIL 30, 1992

Central Water Association, the second largest organization in the state serving rural customers, has received a Farmers Home Administration loan of $277,200 and grant of $648,000. The $927,000 will be used to provide additional filtering, pumping and pressure for the Arlington Division and on the Eastside adding a 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank.  


May 2, 2002

Library board members say they are beginning a nationwide search or the next library director, a $30,000 a year position plagued with turnover. There is no real timeframe because the library has four directors since 1990 and officials are seeking someone who is willing to “stay for a while this time,” said Board President Bobbie Seal. 


May 3, 2011

As 80 people dropped out of the labor force in March, Neshoba County’s unemployment rate dipped to 7.2 percent while the state’s jobless rate was at 8.7 percent. The county’s labor force dropped from 13,440 in February to 13,360 in March.

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