APRIL 24, 1942

A powerful British naval squadron including two battleships, was reported Wednesday night to be prowling the Western Mediterranean on an “unknown mission” in the vicinity of the Toulon naval base where some of France’s modern warships are tied up. Official spokesman said the squadron was reported somewhere between Toulon, on the Southern tip of France, and Bizerte, 450 miles across the Mediterranean on the coast of Tunisia.

They Reported from Tangiers that the squadron was composed of two battleships with an escort of six destroyers. They said the ships passed through the Straight of Gibraltar at 2 p. m. Tuesday, sailing into the Mediterranean from the Atlantic. The Tangiers report said that one of the battleships was identified as a new, 35,000-ton ship of the line and added that “this an important squadron in weeks.” Britain has four new 35,000-ton battleships, although it is not known whether all of them are in commission. A fifth, the Prince of Wales, was sunk by the Japanese off Malaya early in the Pacific war.    

APRIL 25, 1952

J. B. Hillman, president of the Neshoba County Fair Association is announcing the 1952 edition of the exhibition to open on Monday, August 11 and to run through Friday the 15th. He states the plans have been completed for the paving of the Fairgrounds road form Williamsville to the grounds, this to be completed by the time of the opening day of the fair. Mr. Hillman states that a fine program is being planned and this fair is expected to draw the largest crowd ever.    

APRIL 24, 1962

The First National Bank of Memphis, Tennessee and Scharff and Jones of New Orleans, La. Filled a joint bid, and were successful in the purchase of the $800,000 in bonds sold by the City of Philadelphia at their meeting Tuesday night in the City Hall. The average rate of interest will be 3.610%. Four bids were filled and all bids were within 3.887. According to Mayor Harbour, the bids were better than they had anticipated. A resolution was adopted at the meeting Tuesday night, to go ahead and purchase the property and begin grading immediately.  


APRIL 23, 1972

The Selective Service System, through the Neshoba County Draft Board, announced today new registration procedures. Under the new provisions, a registrant must register with a draft board or a draft registrar within the period of 30 days before to 30 days after his 18th birthday. He must bring some official type of identification with him when he registers, such as his birth certificate. Social Security card, driver’s license, school or college activity card or a credit card.   

APRIL 24, 1982

The Philadelphia Fire Department received the Hurst Hydraulic Powered Rescue Tool, commonly called “Jaws of Life,” which consists of three main pieces the power unit, spreader and cutter. The spreader, the backbone of the system, can be used to raise crushed roofs, pry open jammed doors, pull steering wheels off victims, displace seats, and even raise vehicles off the ground to gain access the victims underneath.  


APRIL 23, 1992

The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors has received a report from the State Department of Audit that the Circuit Clerk’s Office borrowed $1,000 from public funds last year. The report was included in a county audit of general purpose financial statements for the year ending Sept. 30, 1991. This was the third such instance in which the office has been cited in audit reports.   


APRIL 25, 2002

A tip led authorities to a methamphetamine lab on the Neshoba – Kemper county line and two drug arrests last week. Anhydrous ammonia, a potentially explosive component of the illegal drug, was being produced at the site, something officers said is a new trend.  


APRIL 26, 2011

A Collinsville man faces a felony drug charge after he was arrested following a “controlled buy” made through the Sheriff’s department, the authorities said. Officers charge that the man sold morphine in the presence of an undercover deputy at the intersection of Mississippi 15 and 16. A 2000 Lincoln LS was seized in the arrest. 

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