MARCH 20, 1942

Mr. J. F. McCauley, member of the State Salvage Committee, attended a meeting of the Committee at Jackson on Tuesday of this week. Plans were made at the meeting to go into every county in the State for the purpose of urging people to salvage their scrap metal, scrap paper, old rubber, rags and burlap to be converted into materials of war. 

W. A. Winsted, Neshoba County superintendent of education, was elected as a member of the executive board of the Mississippi Education Association at the annual convention held in Jackson.  

MARCH 21, 1952

The annual election of officers was the principal event at the meeting of the Philadelphia Rotary Club Monday. Bill Norton who is now serving as Secretary Treasurer of the club, was elected president.

The state of Mississippi has a right to collect a two per cent sales tax on illegal liquor, in addition to the right of collecting a 10 per cent Black Market tax.

MARCH 20, 1962

There will be a County wide cotton and corn meeting, Wednesday morning, March 28th, at 1:30 p. m. in the Home Demonstration Kitchen of Philadelphia courthouse. 

The boys and girls participating in athletics at the Neshoba County High School and the cheerleaders of the school are being honored Thursday night, March 22, at a banquet given them at the V. F. W. Hut by the Boosters club.   


MARCH 19, 1972

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued a study report on the Pearl River Basin, which includes a recommendation for a 16,000-acre reservoir in Neshoba County. The study report was made by the Mobile District Engineer and South Atlantic Division Engineer in Atlanta.

Seven Neshoba County establishments charged with selling alcoholic beverages and described as “common nuisances and detrimental to the good morals of the community” were put out of business today as a result of court orders issued Saturday.   

MARCH 20, 1982

A public meeting of citizens in halting drug abuse in Neshoba County will be held on March 30 at 7 p. m. in the gymnasium at Neshoba Central High School. The purpose of the meeting will be to organize a Neshoba County branch of DREAM. 

The Neshoba County Recreation Club will sponsor a spring carnival on March 26, in the Westside Community Center. There will be a variety of fun games and treats for young as well as old.


MARCH 20, 1992

Exchange students from Brazil and Yugoslavia were special guests of the Philadelphia Lions Club Thursday night. Speaking to the club were Kristine Liborio of Salvador, Brazil, Vanessa Kaiser of Sao Jose ‘do Rio Prato, Brazil and Jelani Stojanovic of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.    


MARCH 20, 2002

Three bridge replacement projects and the surfacing of a county road are on hold pending state aid funding disbursement, the Board of Supervisors were informed Monday.

Parks and recreation officials hope to fund a new restroom complex and second pavilion near Imagination Fun Station in Northside Park with donations from the community.    


MARCH 21, 2011

Several Philadelphia businesses are accepting donations to send building supplies to aid victims of the recent tornadoes in Kentucky. “House on a Truck” is an effort to place all the necessary building materials to construct a 1,800 square foot house on a trailer, which will be taken to Salyersville, Ky.

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