MARCH 13, 1942

Community War Committees set up to work directly with the farmers in the various communities, have been selected throughout Neshoba County, announces C. I. Smith, County agent.

A passenger car quota of eight automobiles allowed to Neshoba County for the three-month period beginning March 2 through May 31, the local Rationing Board revealed this week. 

MARCH 14, 1952

The United Evangelistic Mission held last week in this state by the Methodist, brought 2,519 new additions into the church upon profession of faith. One of the outstanding achievements of the week was at Gulfport, where 240 joined the church.

MARCH 13, 1962

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Neshoba County has 6.700 housing units. That figure is not so revealing but when broken down it gives an insight into the living habits of our citizens.

Minutes of the Neshoba County School Board meeting on Monday of this week fail to mention whether any action of any kind was taken on the petitions presented to the board last Monday relative to the failure of the board to rehire the principal at Neshoba County High School.  


MARCH 12, 1972

Fourteen adults, Choctaw Indians, have completed a manpower-training program at East Central Junior College. Of the 21 Choctaws who enrolled in the course 14 received certificates when the program was recently completed. 

Voters in the Union Special Municipal Separate School District approved at $180,000 bond issue Thursday by a margin of 77 percent.   

MARCH 13, 1982

Neshoba is one of three Mississippi counties eligible for emergency disaster loans because of a drought last year. The loans from the Farmer’s Home Administration are for damages and losses caused by the drought between April 1 through Oct. 31, 1981. 

Brenda Boyette, a charge nurse at the Neshoba County Nursing Home, has been named “Nurse of the Year” by the district 19 Nurses Associations.  


MARCH 13, 1992

W. G. Yates & Sons Construction Company of Philadelphia has been awarded a $10,118,000 contract from the Army, according to Mississippi’s U. S. senators. 

The Philadelphia Neshoba County Park Commission will honor its longest-serving member at a reception Tuesday night. Charlie Sartin, a member of the Commission since it was formed in 1964, recently retired.   


MARCH 13, 2002

Large pine trees lining historic Cedarlawn Cemetary were cut down because some families of the dead were concerned about roots damaging caskets, the mayor said.

A citywide sidewalk sale promotion is planned for Thursday, March 14 with a sidewalk art contest for children ages 6-12. Merchants are encouraged to participate by offering special markdowns and by remaining open until 9 p.m.    


MARCH 14, 2011

With a mounting deficit in the Sanitation Department, proposals are being sought for weekly residential and commercial garbage collection in Neshoba County as well as management of the rubbish landfill at Deemer. 

Neshoba County voters will go to the polls Tuesday to cast votes in the presidential primaries as well as congressional races. Qualified voters can cast absentee ballots in the Circuit Clerk’s office through noon Saturday. 

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