FEBRUARY 13, 1942

The Philadelphia Electric System has purchased, subject to TVA approval, $5,000 of U. S. Defense Bonds. Supt. R. V. Taylor said that the approval would doubtless be given promptly and the purchase concluded. 

Regarding persons who are hoarding sugar and other commodities likely to be rationed. Mr. Cole remarked that the majority would be brought in line by “public sentiment”, when they saw themselves labeled as slackers by patriotic Americans.    

FEBRUARY 14, 1952

The Neshoba County Baptist Association Workers conference will be held at the Bond Baptist Church Thursday, February 21, according to W. D. Cole, moderator. The program will get underway at 9:45 when Rev. Alton Hester, pastor of the church, will be conduct the opening devotional services.   

FEBRUARY 13, 1962

Qualified electors of the city of Philadelphia will vote on the following proposition: “Shall bonds of the city of Philadelphia Mississippi, be issued in the amount of $800,000 to provide funds for the purpose of acquiring, owning, operating, or leasing a building for the manufacturing, assembling or processing of electrical motors, as an industrial enterprise for said City.     


FEBRUARY 12, 1972

The Neshoba Central Rockets finished their regular season Saturday night, with the Rockettes dropping their third loss of the season to New Hope 42-41, and the Rockets losing their fifth game to Houston 87-63.

Twelve Philadelphia Churches will conduct a religious census Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Churches included in the survey are Baptist, Catholic, Church of God, Southside Methodist, Presbyterian and Pentecostal.    

FEBRUARY 13 1982

Feb. 17, is the date set for the distribution of cheese in Neshoba County. The Neshoba County Board of Supervision said to be eligible, a first come first served basis, persons must be certified as eligible for food stamps.   


FEBRUARY 12, 1992

Representative of the Pearl River Basin Development District presented an overview of the agency and its past and present projects at Burnside Lake Water Park to Neshoba County’s new board to supervisor. Meeting with the board were Mike Davis, executive vice president and James Parker, chief projects officer, and James Murphy and Roy White of Philadelphia.     


FEBRUARY 14, 2002

A public hearing is to be set next week on a major rezoning proposal that would designate mostly newly annexed areas of West and Northwest Philadelphia commercial and heavy industrial. City officials also say they plan to take up discussion of a new sign ordinance that would among other things, limit billboards.   


FEBRUARY 14, 2011

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians has received two federal grants to help fund the construction of a new transit maintenance facility and enhance Choctaw Transit Authority services. The tribe was awarded grant funds totaling $2 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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