OCTOBER 24, 1941

Holding that oil and gas beneath 16th Section school lands belong to the state, the Supreme Court Monday denied holders of 99-year “surface or agricultural” leases the right to prevent the state from entering the property for exploration of the minerals. 

The Farm Security Administration’s new building, now being constructed by H. T. Key, will be completed and ready by the end of this week it was announced today. The two dist  

OCTOBER 19, 1951

A wild cat test will be made by the Carter Oil company nineteen and one half miles southeast of the nearest production in the Pickens field, which will be located five miles northwest of Carthage in Leak County. The exact location is in center SW of SW of Section 31-tp11, range 7 East, and test to be made at about 10,500 feet.

The Philadelphia Home Arts Club journeyed to Allison Wells last Monday where the group enjoyed a delightful luncheon. Those attending were Mrs. Hubert Haaga, Mrs. Kenneth McKay, Mrs. W. F. Cole, Mrs. Woody Frantz, Mrs. Herbert Garrett, Mrs. Howard Cole, Mrs. Curtis Hays, Mrs. Glenn Perry, Mrs. Richard Allen, Mrs. Allen King, Mrs. Howard Duett, Mrs. J. C. Parker, Mrs. Hays McKay, and Mrs. Charles Mars.    

OCTOBER 19, 1961

The box supper held Friday night was a big success. Rev. J. C. Savell brought the message at New Pearl Valley Sunday morning. Mrs. Dwight Fleming and Mrs. Rudolph Tucker and children spent the weekend in Hernando with their husbands. 

Sorry to report Wade Watkins in the Neshoba County hospital. He will undergo surgery soon. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Shepard visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shepard of the Coldwater community Sunday afternoon. Our sympathy goes out to Mrs. James Johnson in the death of her father, Mr. C. W. Banks of Coldwater. 


OCTOBER 21, 1971

The welfare of wild animals and birds of the forest is an important thing to consider in managing timberland for multiple benefits, says County Forester James E. Allen.  Allen points out that county landowners can enhance wildlife habitat on their property through the establishment of various forage plants along woodland margins and the planting of specific kinds of trees which produce seeds eaten by forest inhabitants.  

OCTOBER 22, 1981

The Philadelphia Police Department was continuing its investigations into the theft of an automobile from a local dealership and a rash of burglaries which occurred during the week of Oct. 7-14.     

OCTOBER 16, 1991

A list of school bus turnarounds approved by the Neshoba County Board of Supervisors are now a part of its official minutes. The board voted unanimously Thursday to include the new list of minutes. 


OCTOBER 17, 2001

A $10 million water park that would open next summer is the key feature of a 1,000-acre resort that will eventually include three hotels, retail space and could bring as many as seven million additional visitors annually to Neshoba County, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians announced Tuesday. 

Habitat for Humanity organizers are confident they can rejuvenate the program locally, partly by demonstrating the aid is not a hand out, that those who benefit have equity in the houses they occupy.        


OCTOBER 12, 2011

No disciplinary action will be taken against a student who brought a gun onto campus until after the teenager has had his due process in youth court, the county School Board said on Wednesday. 

Neshoba County’s unemployment rate fell to 8 percent in August, the lowest reported since December 2008 when the rate was 6 percent. 

With the beginning of colder weather, activities have slowed for most home vegetable gardeners. 

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