June 23, 1944

A.G. McIntosh, District Manager of the War Production Board in Jackson, called attention to the extreme need of additional production of a farm machinery, equipment, and repair prats; and explained a thoroughly simple manner by which manufacturers may acquire materials for such production. 


The House Community will hold a bond auction sale, Saturday night. This sales is to raise our quota of bonds for the 5th War Loan Drive, and will begin promptly at 8:30 o'clock. 


June 17, 1954

The Philadelphia High School football field will soon be relighted. In fact lot of the material is already on the ground, and the remaining equipment will be placed there within a few days. Then workmen will begin erecting 75 foot poles that will hold banks of large flood lights to light both the football field and the baseball diamond. 


B.L. Howell and Sons Construction Co. of Philadelphia, was the successful low bidder on two school projects in Clarksdale. 

June 18, 1964

The contract for the construction of athletic fields at Neshoba Central High and George Washington Carver High were awarded Monday to Cobb Brothers Construction Company, it was announced this week by County Superintendent T.C. Ward. 


A crew is drilling under the highway on Kosciusko Road to run a new 6-inch water line for the City of Philadelphia. After drilling under the highway with a 3-inch drill, it will be replaced with a 12-inch size for the casing and the 6-inch water line.

June 21, 1974

Weyerhaueser Company has announced the promotion of James McNeil to raw materials manager for  Philadelphia Operations.


C.A. Adcock has been elected commander of American Legion Post 138. 

June 22, 1984

The Philadelphia city treasury was $201,738.59 richer this month after a sales tax adjustment was made by the State Tax Commission. This amount was in addition to the regular sales tax rebate made monthly to cities and towns in Mississippi. 

June 23, 1994  

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to Monroe Allen Contractor, Inc., for replacement of a timber bridge and replacement pipe culverts on Highway 427 between Highway 488 and Highway 16 in the county. 


June 18, 2004

Dr. Brian Hicks just loves helping people with their animals, and he's come home to practice veterinary medicine with the man who gave him a summer job when he was in 10th grade. 


June 19, 2014

The relocation of the Philadelphia WIN Job Center to the Neshoba Business Enterprise Center or incubator is being considered by the state Department of Employment Security.


An ordinance that would allow for the sale of wine and liquor in the city was adopted Tuesday night by the Philadelphia Mayor and Board of Aldermen, opening the way for package liquor stores by fall.

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