Fire department trains students in CPR

Fire department trains students in CPR


Students at the Philadelphia/Neshoba County Career Technical Center spent last week learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation from members of the Philadelphia Fire Department and now all 120 of the students who took the class are certified in CPR.

CPR certification is required for students in the Teacher Academy, Law and Public Safety, Early Childhood Development and the Health Sciences programs, said Melissa Upton, director of Philadelphia Neshoba County Career Technical Center. 

In addition to CPR, the Philadelphia/Neshoba County Career Technical Center students also learned to stop the bleed, first aid and tips on fire safety.

On Friday, firefighters brought a fire truck to the Philadelphia/Neshoba County Career Technical Center to show the students the gear and equipment they work with and what they do to keep the community safe.

Then, the students lined up to be tested by firefighters and used mannequins of different sizes to demonstrate proper CPR techniques. Once the students finished and passed all requirements from the checklist, they were certified.

"The first time I ever did CPR, I was 16," said Carroll Mewbourn battalion chief of Philadelphia Fire Department. "You never know when you're going to need it. It is very important to know no matter how old you are."

The firefighters said they were impressed with how well the students did on their tests and Mewbourn said he thought all the students did very well. 

"The fire department does a great job of coming in their free time to teach," Upton said. 

Even though students in the welding, automotive and construction programs are not required to learn CPR some of them still took the course and gained CPR certification. 

"The program is teaching us how to take care of children from ages newborn to 5," said Katelyn Lewis, a 10th grader at Neshoba Central, who is studying Early Childhood Development at the center. “We've learned infant, child and adult CPR."

Learning CPR is essential for the students to know in case of emergency while working with children, she said. Many of the staff and students said they are thankful for the Philadelphia Fire Department firefighters working closely with the vo-tech to teach students life skills.

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