End of an era as 4 aldermen change

End of an era as 4 aldermen change


With four aldermen going off the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, last Tuesday’s board meeting was the end of an era for some in city government.

It was the last meeting as aldermen for four of the five board members. After the June 8 general election was certified last Friday, only Ward 2 Alderman Jim Fulton will be returning. 

Ward 1 Aldermen Joe Tullos and Ward 3 Alderman Ronnie Jenkins did not seek re-election and will retire. Ward 4 Alderwoman Cassie Henson was defeated in her run for mayor in the Democrat primary.

Alderman-at-Large Leroy Clemons was defeated by one vote in his re-election bid and he has said he plans to contest the election results.

Their terms end June 30.

Tullos served five terms and part of another as alderman.

“I have enjoyed serving the people of Ward 1 and wouldn’t give anything for it,” Tullos said. “There have been ups and downs but I enjoyed it. I am going to continue my daytime job at Marshall Ford and tending to grandbabies.”

Henson said she plans to continue to work in the community to make Philadelphia better.

“I’m going to do all I can as a citizen of Philadelphia,” Henson said. “I still want to help. I am excited about having a break. It has been fun and it has been challenging.

“I have learned to appreciate and respect others’ opinions although we didn’t always agree. We had to agree to disagree. I did what I had to do.”

Jenkins began as an alderman in 1987. Along the way, he lost one election but came back and regained the seat in the next election.

“I enjoyed it most of the time,” Jenkins said. “There were times I didn’t. But the people of Ward 3 were very helpful.

“There were so many things that came up during that time. The city has grown and grown. People come up to us and thank us for doing something. But we didn’t do it. It was the city employees who did the work, and I appreciated every one of them.”

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