EDITORIAL | Tax hikes aren’t competitive

EDITORIAL | Tax hikes aren’t competitive


A successful economic development strategy would be to cut taxes, recruit good manufacturing jobs and retail businesses and watch the city’s coffers fill up as working people spend their own money here. Growth is the winning formula!

Instead, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen voted 3-2 to raise taxes today (Wednesday) again.

Astonishingly, because they haven’t had an audit performed since 2017, these overlords don’t really even know how much money they have in the bank.

Yet, they plan to reach in and take more money out of your pocket in the name of competing more aggressively with surrounding towns?

Creating good new jobs has always been the key. Philadelphia will be more competitive when our leaders create new jobs, lower taxes, and pay city workers their due.

Ironically, one of the Democrat politicians pressing for the tax hike is delinquent on his property taxes. How is that even so?

Taxing property owners into prosperity has never worked anywhere in the world and it’s not going to work in Philadelphia.

Exhausting more than $7 million in reserves as they operated at a deficit over seven years, the city of Philadelphia doubled the tax rate in 2014.
So hiking taxes again is a dangerous and destructive pattern for our local economy.
With an audit overdue nearly half a decade, do these Democrat overlords even know how much money they have in the bank as they reach in and take again?
The winning strategy is growing jobs and lowering taxes.

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