EDITORIAL/More road talk

EDITORIAL/More road talk


We have been talking about a bypass in Philadelphia for nearly 40 years.

And there was more talk last week.

Almost $4 billion is headed to Mississippi in the bipartisan federal “infrastructure” bill — the largest non-infrastructure “infrastructure” spending bill in history— but it’s unclear whether Neshoba County will get the nearly $200 million needed to finish the Highway 19 four-landing and the bypass, state and local leaders talked again last week.

The biggest news that emerged talking roads again is that MDOT District Engineer Neil Patterson favors a roundabout at Williamsville, but we’ll just go ahead and say that’s a bad idea.

Mississippi Central District Transportation Commissioner Willie Simmons addressed the more than a dozen local government and business leaders at the Depot. 

“We don’t know yet how all that money will be shaken out,” Simmons told the Neshoba countians gathered to talk again about roads.

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