Dilapidated house on Holland Avenue to be sold


The property at 510 Holland Ave. is expected to be sold and the dilapidated house torn down in the near future, thus ending 15 years of neighbors’ complaints about the unsightly conditions.

Mike Land, who has the power of attorney over his father Jack Land who is the property owner, told aldermen last Tuesday the matter should be settled in the next few days.

“I asked you for two weeks and I appreciate the chance,” Mike Land said. “But it was more than we could handle. I have somebody who will buy it and do something with the property.”

Land said he expected to have the deal done within the week. He said the new owner would tear the house down.

In its previous meeting, the board was close to a vote which would have had the house demolished. Its roof was damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and it has fallen into disrepair over the years. Neighbors in the historic district had complained about the eyesore over the years.

Land’s father is in long-term care and is unable to do anything to correct the problems. The board and neighbors went back and forth over the years with his brother. When it was learned that Mike Land had power of attorney, the board gave him two weeks to see what he could do.

 Land did not name the new owner.

Ward 1 Alderman Joe Tullos said the new owner would be given the same opportunity to repair the house.

“They can bring it into compliance or have it torn down,” Tullos said.

Land’s appearance before the board was a continuation of a public hearing that started in the Sept. 1 meeting. The board voted to extend the hearing until its next meeting to make sure progress continues to be made.

“This has not been finalized,” Tullos said. “We would ask the person who buys the property to come up here (in the next meeting).”

A motion to extend the hearing passed.

In other matters, aldermen voted to:

• Approve the Sept. 1 minutes. Alderman-at-Large Leroy Clemons asked for amendments;

• Approve the claims docket with Joe Tullos and Jim Fulton voting no;

• Approve the payment of $117,000 TIF payment;

• Approve the TIF payment of $343,927 to BNA Bank;

• Approve MOU from the Department of Finance and Administration for $50,000 for the Veterans Monument and for the City Clerk to open a bank account;

• Approve an amended interlocal agreement with Neshoba County for tax collections and for the mayor to sign it;

• Approve a request for garbage disposal fee to be exempt for the old Jail at 508 Beech St. and for the Department of Human Services at 1016 Holland Ave.;

• Approve for the City Clerk to attend fall education session in Ridgeland Oct. 21-23. The city will pay for registration and travel;

• Amend the current budget as follows: increase capital outlay by $8,675 to $74,675; police car expense by $18,000 to $38,000; and General MDA debt/roof increase $1,200,000;

• Approve street closing for Ham Jam October 16-18;

• Approve for the police department to apply for OP and DUI grants;

• Adopt the FY 2021 budget;

• Approve a bond issue resolution;

• Approve the paying of $2,502 to Waggoner Engineering for work at the airport covering the new AWOS along with lighting and paving work;

• Approve a road bore by AT&T for along and across west Main Street; and,

• Approve advertising in The Neshoba Democrat’s First Responder section.

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