County using $20,000 MDEQ grant to buy debris trailer

County using $20,000 MDEQ grant to buy debris trailer


Neshoba County officials plan to acquire a debris trailer with funds from an almost $20,000 grant awarded by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

County Administrator Jeff Mayo said the grant will be used to acquire an additional 75-yard, 30-ton, end dump debris trailer for use at the Waste Convenience Center at the ccounty Unit Facility.

“We have one 75-yard debris trailer currently and it is used at the convenience center to dispose of debris other than household garbage, metal and tires,” Mayo said.

The debris trailer is currently being bid with the reverse auction bids due on Sept. 29, Mayo said, and will likely take approximately 180 days to acquire once ordered.

Any additional funds will be used for the cleanup of illegal dumpsites in Neshoba County. Mayo said the problem of illegal dumping in Neshoba County is identifiable but hard to quantify.

“Yes, illegal dumping sites are an issue and I don’t have a census of how many or what it would take to clean them all up,” Mayo said.

Chris Wells, MDEQ executive director said the organization awarded Neshoba County a solid waste assistance grant of $18,320 on Sept. 7. The grant stipulates the money be used by the county for the collection of bulky waste.

“The Solid Waste Assistance Grants support a variety of useful solid waste management activities for cities and counties, and this grant will assist Neshoba County’s efforts in improving their management of solid waste,” Wells said.

Cities and counties may apply for Solid Waste Assistance Grants through the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

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