County supervisors purchasing 4 new Ford trucks


The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors accepted bids for 10 new county vehicles, including four Ford F-150 XLT Crew Cab trucks that will be used by the board members.

This was passed Monday during the regular board meeting. Marshall Ford received the bid. The total price tag is $461,560, not counting the costs for the extended warranties.

The four new trucks will replace 2004 models supervisors were using. Those will be transferred to the Public Works Department. Supervisor Obbie Riley has been driving a newer model and will not be receiving a new truck.

The Sheriff’s Department will be getting five 2021 Ford Police Interceptors, costing $38,924 each, not counting the extended warranty. The Sheriff’s Department is also getting a Ford F-150, costing $42,727 not counting the extended warranty.

Sheriff Eric Clark started talking to supervisors early last spring about the need to modernize his department’s fleet of vehicles. Many of his vehicles are four or five years old.

“This year, we have spent around $40,000 on repairs,” Clark said. “Most of our vehicles have high milage. Those miles put a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle over the years.”

The Sheriff said he hoped in the future the county will be able buy maybe three new vehicles a year and rotate them in while taking the higher milage vehicles out.”

The Emergency Management Department will be getting a 2021 F-150 and a 2021 F-350, which costs $53,305, not counting the extended warranty.

In another matter, the board was notified of a price increased for solid waste disposal. Waste Pro will be going up 3.43% ($0.53 per ton) for tipping fees for Solid Waste Disposal with new rate of $16.07 per ton effective 11/1/2020l

 In other matters, supervisors voted to:

• Approve the hiring of Charles Michael Williams and a deputy for the Sheriff’s Department, and Ronnie Anderson as a part-time DUI officer;

• Approve the quarterly budget allocation of $372,350 for the Sheriff’s Department. They also approved the quarterly allocation of $372,125 for the jail. Supervisors also accepted the resignations of deputies Derek Wyatt and Jessie Hamilton;

• Accept funding of $13,650 from Weyerhaeuser for the Sheriff’s Department;

• Accept the monthly meal and detailed billing report from the jail. Supervisors accepted the resignation of Gary Walton;

• Approve the employment of Rodney Tingle in the Road Department;

• Approve a motion to apply for a grant extension from MDEQ;

• Approve a request from the Sebastopol Water Association for a road bore on County Road 210;

• Approve the quarterly budget allocation of $109,681 for the Tax Assessor/Tax Collector’s office;

• Approve the salary certification for Fiscal Year 2021;

• Accept the Insolvency list from tax assessor;

• Approve an update of the MEMA District 6 regional hazard mitigation plan for the Emergency Management Department. Supervisors also approved the change in employment status for Shea Elliott and Kaysun Greer;

• Approve a reservation for the Coliseum for Philadelphia High School’s graduation on May 20;

• Approve the payment of $4,173 to Byrum Construction (retainage);

• Approve a refund to Virginia Easley in the amount of $246 for payment made in error through Justice Court;

• Approve the county employees payroll ending Sept. 21 and totaling $211,732;

• Approve the elected officials’ payroll totaling $36,106 and ending October 1;

• Approve the minutes from the previous meeting and the claims docket; and,

• Accept the purchase clerk’s report for September.

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