City OKs $100K for Congress of Country Music

City OKs $100K for Congress of Country Music


The city of Philadelphia allocated $100,000 to Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music during the Sept. 4 meeting.

The city has pledged $1 million to the Congress of Country Music as a show of community support. This was the third of 10 payments that will be spread out over 10 years. The motion to make this year’s payment was made by Ward 1 Alderman Justin Clearman , seconded by Ward 2 Alderman Jim Fulton, and approved unanimously.

Since 2013, the state of Mississippi has allocated $7 million to the Congress of Country Music. In its recently completed 2023 session, the Legislature approved  HB603, in which $10 million would be used for Phase II of the project. However, that money is available only when the Department of Finance Administration is provided proof that the museum or museum governing body possesses the ownership rights to all Marty Stuart memorabilia, exhibits and/or other items or materials to be displayed in the museum, according to state Sen Jenifer Branning. There are also plans for an education center.

Stuart’s private collection of Country Music artifacts is currently being appraised. Once the final value has been decided, the Congress of Country Music board of directors will decide its next move.

Phase I of the $40 million project was completed last year with the reopening of the renovated historic Ellis Theater downtown.

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