Canal Place Cinema reopening on Friday


Canal Place Cinema 7 officials say they are looking forward to reopening Friday after a long six-month coronavirus shutdown pledging adjustments to keep its customers and staff safe.

“As soon as we closed we pretty much began working on what it would be like to reopen under the CDC guidelines,” said Allison Willis, the co-owner of Canal Place Cinema 7. “So we have been thinking about it for six months, we knew we were going to be the last level of businesses to open.” 

Customers who plan on going to the theater can plan on every other row being empty to help with social distancing. Customers can buy reserve seating online or at the theater itself. Canal Place Cinema’s software system already implemented buffering seats and social distancing.

“So if you are a party of five and you are sitting in five seats all together it buffers to the left, to the right, in front of you and behind you,” said Willis. 

Customers must wear their masks in the theater and may take it off when they are seated to eat snacks such as popcorn and candy. Masks are required for entering the lobby, getting up to use the bathroom and exiting. 

Customers are also required to wear a mask if they decide to buy drinks, candy, or popcorn during the movie. 

The movie theater has made many adjustments that include hand sanitizer stations while entering or exiting the building and throughout the building. Adjustments have been made to the bathrooms to help with social distancing. Willis emphasized that customers who do not want to comply will be refused service due to safety violations. There will also be red tape guiding people as they exit. 

Canal Place Cinema 7 is looking forward to seeing its customers again this Friday. The people of Philadelphia can find reopening guidelines on the movie theaters website at

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