Bible in dumpster changed man’s life


Nicholas Alexander Walker was homeless more than a decade ago, no car, no job and eating out of dumpsters around the Wendy’s in Carthage when he found a discarded Bible.

“I started to read and study that Bible,” Walker said recently documenting on Facebook his 16th anniversary as a believer in Christ and a changed man.

“I had a long compassionate talk with God and gave my life to Jesus,” he said.

Now a captain in Philadelphia Fire Department, Walker, 38, is thankful for that Bible in the dumpster.

“Sixteen years ago I was homeless. No car, no job and no food,” Walker said. “I had to find food in dumpsters to eat sometimes. But in one of those dumpsters, I found an old Bible.”

Walker grew up in Memphis where there were family issues, he says, graduated from Overton High School, went to community college, married, divorced and ended up homeless in Carthage in 2004.

After finding the Bible in the dumpster, Walker. began working a few side jobs and saved up enough money to buy a used car.

He drove that used car to Philadelphia and got a job as a security guard at the Golden Moon Casino.

“I’ve gone through some hurtful times, but I use those events to show others how Jesus saved me and the things He taught me along the way,” Walker said. “He led me on this path and I am forever grateful to Him.” 

He also worked at the Neshoba County Jail, before getting on at the Philadelphia Fire Department in 2009. He became a captian in 2019.

The Old Testament books of Proverbs and Job were especially meaningful to Walker early on in his struggle. 

Walker said he had nothing 16 years ago and that Jesus brought him from sleeping outside without food and needing help to blessing him with a home, full stomach and a career where he can help others.

“We’ve got a lot to do and accomplish with the life God gave me and gave everyone on Earth,” he said. “I went from needing help to helping the community and spreading the word of God. God bless you all.”

Marco Patrick, who has been a firefighter with the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Station 3 for a year, said it has been a blessing working under Walker.

“Capt. Walker is a great leader and makes good decisions on calls. I’ve never worked with a captain quite like him before,” Patrick said. “Every time we get back to the station from a call, he’ll give his best critiques and try to inspire us to do better each time.”

Patrick said his favorite part of working for the fire department is working directly with Walker and other firefighters. 

“We always uplift each other,” Patrick said. “If one of us isn’t feeling well, we encourage each other so we can always have a better and engaging shift. Capt. Walker is very humble, and I look at him differently every time I read his testimony and story. It’s very humbling, and I think it inspires a lot of people.”

Likewise, Walker said he is grateful to other people who have helped him along the way, including Bobby Goodin who is a coach at Neshoba Central High School.

Chance Smart, who has been at Station 3 four years, said he and Walker have been friends for a long time and that Walker is an excellent leader. 

“Capt. Walker does things the way they’re supposed to be done, and he does them right,” Smart said. “He’s such a good person to lead you morally and career-wise. His story is humbling and working with him and Marco is my favorite part of working for the fire department.”

Walker wrote about his conversion on Facebook a few weeks ago.

“Please don’t doubt God,” he said. “Look at what HE has done for me !! Me and God ain’t stopping here!! We got a lot to do and accomplish with the life he gave me… God bless you all…”

Walker has two children, a son, Nicholas Alexander Walker II, and a daughter, Layla Gabriel Walker. He is engaged to Letisha Tunice Ester and said he will continue his work at the fire department and share his testimony. He said he continues to thank God every day.

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