Barking dog raises concerns


A complaint about a barking dog that has involved an arrest were heard Nov. 3 by the Philadelphia Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Eric Tingle and his wife Martha live on Shelby Drive and said their neighbor’s dog is keeping them and their child up all night long.

“I am here about a matter that has been going on for six or seven months,” Eric Tingle said while addressing the board.

A dog that he said is tied up in his next door neighbor’s yard is about 12 feet from their bedroom window. “It barks and yelps,” he said. “It keeps my child up all night.”

Tingle let the board listen to the barking from his phone recorder. He said he has brought the matter to the Police Department and Animal Control.

“I came up to the Police Department and made papers out on her (the dog’s owner) for disturbing the peace,” Tingle said. 

“Later, I was called up to (municipal) court because she had made papers out on me for disturbing the peace. I was arrested and taken to Louisville where I had to bond out.”

He has a Dec. 2 court date.

City Animal Control Officer Kevin Wilson and Alderman Joe Tullos said they would visit the dog owner in hopes of resolving the problem. Wilson said he had looked into it before and thought it had been resolved.

“I thought the dogs had been relocated but apparently they are back,” Wilson said. “That happened back in June. I hadn’t heard anything else about the noise and thought everything was okay.”

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