Audit firm interviews mayor

Audit firm interviews mayor


The city’s auditing firm was in town on Nov. 17 interviewing department heads and reviewing procedures.

The Pearl accounting firm of Windham and Lacy was hired in October to catch the city up on its city audits for Fiscal Year 2018, Fiscal Year 2019 and Fiscal Year 2020. Auditors started with the FY 2018 audit.

Auditors asked department heads to fill out a questionnaire on Nov. 17. When hired, Windham representatives said part of the process would be to review how the city departments do business and if all were following policy.        

“She interviewed the department heads and myself about general processes,” said Mayor James A. Young. “We are on point. I think we are making good progress.”

When hired, Windham representatives said the FY 2018 audit could be ready on Nov. 30, depending on how everything came together. Young estimated the FY 2018 audit should be complete soon.

“I don’t know, but it should be close. They are getting everything they ask for,” Young said.

Alderman-at-Large James Waltman was appointed by the board as its contact person for the auditor.

“I have spoken to the firm, and they indicated that everything is on track,” Waltman said during the board’s Nov. 16 meeting. “She said they were working with what they had, and everything that has been requested has been provided in a timely manner.”

The audit backlog came to light during the budgeting process after a Neshoba Democrat reporter asked for the most recent audit during a board meeting.

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