Armed robber leaves restaurant with cash, food

Armed robber leaves restaurant with cash, food


A suspect who brandished a gun and robbed the cash register at Maria's Mexican Restaurant next to Vowell's on Main Street Wednesday evening is being sought by Philadelphia Police.

Police Chief Eric Lyons said the suspect was a male and is described as wearing khaki pants, a black hat, and a mask.

“We have little information to go off of at this time as the investigation continues into this case,” Lyons said.

The incident was reported on April 27 at about 6:10 p.m., when PPD officers responded to a call of an armed robbery at Maira’s Mexican restaurant on East Main Street.

The male suspect brandished a gun and requested the money from the register, Lyons said. The robber left on foot near East Lawn Drive with food from the restaurant as well as approximately $500.

Anyone with information related to this incident or any other potential crime is encouraged to call the Philadelphia Police Department at 601-656-2131.

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