A table is the best tool a person can own


Ricky Rogers knows that a table is the most sacred tool a family can own. A table brings people together, starts conversations, and can also be filled with laughter. 

Rogers grew up in Philadelphia with two sisters and an older brother. His parents, Martha Rogers and Robert Roger, taught their children the importance of having family meals and bonds. 

Growing up, Rogers’s parents would have them gather around the table to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rogers passed this to his own children, Ike Rogers, Rachel Rogers, and Lacy Johnson, who are accustomed to his home-cooked meals.

He loves cooking for his three grandkids when they visit. Rogers loves spending time with his family and the grandchildren, Amari, Alijah, and Ansen Jex Brown.

They enjoy doing things such as going to the zoo, the arcade, and playing outside. 

Rogers was never taught how to cook. Instead, he taught himself. He likes to cook meals that are not too expensive but will feed a lot of people. 

“I have never looked at a recipe a day in my life. If I try something, I like I figure out how to make,” Rogers said. “But when I cook, I cook as a servant to the Lord. And that’s the way God intended.”

 When Rogers’s grown children left home, he began clothing, sheltering, and helping others in need. He is passionate about helping others in any way that he can. 

Rogers also preaches at various churches but found ministry in opening the Thrifty Nickle in Philadelphia and another branch in Carthage. 

To Rogers, opening the Thrifty Nickle was a calling from the Lord to help others in need. 

“If there were an instance where someone's house burns down, our stores would help refurnish a new house for these families," Rogers said.

 In his downtime, Rogers enjoys fishing and buying broken boats, trucks, and cars and fixing them up like new. He also likes to fish. But Rogers loves to cook and fellowship with his family. He did find some recipes to share.


5 1 lb chicken tenders 

Buttermilk ½ gallon 

Flour 5 lb 

6 tablespoon margarita chicken seasons (Deal’s carries this) 

Vegetable oil 


Wash chicken and soak fully saturated with buttermilk (2 days in advance). Store in refrigerator. After marinating for two days prep ingredients. Mix flour and seasons. Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees. Use enough oil to deep fry chicken tenders. Per chicken tender, remove from buttermilk soak, place in flour. Fry until golden brown turning occasionally. 

Fatburgers (Feeds 5) 

5 lb ground chuck 

4 tbsp of margarita chicken seasoning 

1 tbsp salt 

1 tbsp pepper

BBQ sauce 

8 lb bag of russet potatoes fried

Mix meat and seasons into a bowl. Manipulate with hands. Form ¾ lb patties. Prepare grill 30 minutes in advance. Cook approximately 5-8 minutes, flipping occasionally. Coat with BBQ when meat is 95% done. Peel potatoes and wash. Slice into thick elongated slices. Cook in regular oil at 375 degrees until golden. 


Dozen and half eggs 

Shredded cheese 

Salt and pepper 

Vegetable oil 

Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits 

Omelet: Blend 3 eggs in mixing bowl thoroughly. Spray nonstick butter with pam cooking spray. Pour eggs into skillet. Allow to cook for 1 minute and flip. Add shredded cheese. Meat of choice. Salt and pepper for eggs. Using spatula, fold egg in half. Serve while hot. 

Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits: Fill skillet ¾ full of vegetable oil. Preheat and allow grease to get to 350 degrees. Prop biscuits in grease (should float). Flip biscuits very often. Done with both sides are dark and golden brown. Always cook more than you think!

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