The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians will hold their Tribal Elections Tuesday, June 11.

Polling places will be set up in each community. The winner of tribal chief election must receive 50 percent of the vote plus one, or there will be a runoff. The winner of each of the Tribal Council positions will be the candidate with the most votes.

Those names listed below with an asterisk (*) by their names are the incumbents.

The candidates for tribal chief are: Phyliss J. Anderson *, Randy Anderson, Cyrus Ben, Beasley Denson, Barry McMillan and Eric N. McMillan.

The candidates for Tribal council are as follows:             

Bogue Chitto (1 position): Martika Anderson. Annie W. Bell. Gabriel N. Bell, John Bell Jr., Ronnie Henry, Cami Hickman, Joann T. Hickman. Angela Hundley, Natasha John, Enid Wynona Littlevoice and Davita McCleland *.

Bogue Homa (1 position): Ruthie M. Bell, Michael Brisco, Robert Brisco, Troy Nickey Jr., Berdie M. Steve * and Gary Thomas.

Conehatta (1 position): Max M. Anderson, Rodgrick Anderson, Troy Chickaway, Rokky Isom, Jesse Thomas, Timothy Thomas Sr. and Jonathan Williams.

Pearl River (1 position): Henry Ronald Alex Sr., Rahka R. Brescia, Michele B. Butler, Robert Cotton, Kevin Farve, Robert Garcia Jr., Nigel Gibbons, James R. Johnson, Speedy Lewis, Alexander McMillan, Lola Parkerson *, Austin Tubby, Lakeishia Wallace, Barbara Wesley, Kent L. Wesley and Stella York Willis.

Red Water (2 positions): Anthony Anderson, Myrtle Ben, Ashley B. Dickson, Karla D. Dickson, Tia Grisham, Richard T. Issac *, Errol Kenward John, Samuel John, Sharon J. Johnson *, Anthony Steve Jr., Tonya Wilder and Virginia Rose York.

Standing Pines (1 position): Betty L. Allen, Anna M. Denson, Kevin Edwards, Alexander Frazier, Richard Sockey * and Angela Denson Vaughn.

Tucker (1 position): Sandy L. Balderas. Kemberly Billy, Lisa M. Charlie, Karen Chickaway, Lee R. Chickaway, Brian Davis, Eric N. McMillan, Linda R. McMillan and Wilma Simpson-McMillan *.