Silent demonstrators last week mockingly imitated prominent Democrats in an attempt to link Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood to liberals in his party as he spoke at the Neshoba County Fair.
Silent demonstrators last week mockingly imitated prominent Democrats in an attempt to link Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood to liberals in his party as he spoke at the Neshoba County Fair.

Attorney General Jim Hood stopped short of announcing a run for governor during political speaking at The Neshoba County Fair last Wednesday as four silent demonstrators to his left side mockingly imitated prominent Democrats in an attempt to link him to liberals.

A Democrat seeking to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper suggested he and the Republican nominee are part of the “Rankin County Mafia” serving wealthy suburbanites and neglecting the rest of the district, which drew a strong rebuke from the congressman.

Hood attacked the Legislature, while Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said Hood and other Democrats want to stifle the state’s growth.

“As soon as I bring in some money they are ready to huddle up and take credit for it,” Hood said. “They aren’t even going to spend that money.”

Reeves, the presumed Republican nominee for governor, played to the mindset of the demonstrators that’s prevalent on the Fairgrounds.

“You won’t hear about the good things if you listen to the status quo liberal in Jackson,” Reeves said. “Jim Hood and his friends Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama, they do not believe in our state agenda. They would love nothing better than turn Mississippi blue.”

“I will not let the lies of liberals and the media bring down out conservative agenda,” Reeves said. “I will not let them stop Mississippi from moving to a brighter future.”

Harper responded to the Democrat in the House race, Michael Todd Evans of Preston, by citing his record and then endorsing the GOP nominee Michael Guest.

“I am very proud that Michael Guest will follow in my footsteps,” Harper said. “Michael Guest is going to be a great member of Congress.”

Guest is the district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties and won the Republican primary for the Third Congressional District of Mississippi against five other candidates.

Evans, also speaking at the Fair, referenced the Lakeland Drive controversy in metro Jackson in Rankin County where Democrats have accused Reeves of influencing construction, which he unequivocally denied and MDOT records apparently prove.

“The only folks they give stuff to in Rankin County are those living on the express way coming down Lakeland Drive,” Evans said. “I want to take care of everybody in the district, not just the rich folks on Lakeland Drive.”

Harper, who spoke after Evans, refuted the claim. He said he was a part of helping protect the catfish farms in Mississippi when they looked to be in trouble due to federal regulation.

Harper talked about all the people in Meridian, Jackson, Brookhaven, Union and all over the district he has helped and said to ask them if he only cares about the people in Rankin County.

“When Michael Ted Evans got up and said they need to send somebody to Washington that cares about the whole district, and I’m thinking you have acted like my friend for 10 years and then get up and attack me in your speech and it disappoints you just a little bit,” Harper said.  “That (the catfish farm) is not even in my district, so to say that I do not care about anyone in my district or my state is a stretch.”

Guest, on the other hand, did not respond to Evans attacks, instead leaving Harper to defend while he focused on what he wants done as congressman.

Guest spoke on his merit and experience as a prosecutor for 23 years and how he has represented the best interest of the people of Mississippi.  

“Just as you have trusted me to represent you in court rooms in Mississippi,” Guest said. “I asking that you would send me to Washington, so that I can represent you in the Halls of Congress. I believe in traditional family values, I believe in limited government and I believe in protecting our constitutional rights.”

He recognized the work Harper has done for the State of Mississippi. He then talked about not only how important his winning the seat was for Mississippi, but in his mind, the country.

“I have known Gregg for some period of time,” Guest said. “He is a man of integrity and honor. Gregg has served us well in congress for the last the decade.”

He said the seat is going to be important to represent Mississippi’s views on issues like deciding on the next Speaker of the House, the second amendment, standing up for men and women in military and veterans, supporting President Trump, making tax cuts permanent and rolling back unnecessary regulations, securing the boarder, reducing wasteful spending, abortion, and control of congress.

“The Republicans hope to maintain the majority in congress in this year’s election, but I am can tell you that that margin is going be very close,” Guest said. “It is not just my name on the ballot. While I am on the ballot and look to represent the people of Mississippi. More importantly what is on the ballot are conservative principles and values.”

Guest asked not only the people’s support and votes, but also their prayers.

Democrat Evans claims he is pro-life and focuses on the child after birth. He also said he is pro-Second Amendment. He spoke on the other major topics of the day which were infrastructure and education. Evans wants to increase spending.