WHEREAS, when the 367th Maintenance Company received notification that it would be ordered to Active Duty to support Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom, many individuals volunteered to serve in this unit to protect the freedoms our Community, State and Nation enjoyed; and

WHEREAS, believing that every one should do everything they can to support the freedoms we enjoy and to defeat terrorism before our families, friends and neighbors were forced to confront it in our Community, State and Nation, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall volunteered to serve in the 367th Maintenance Company and to deploy to the most dangerous country in the world to accomplish his beliefs; and

WHEREAS, after the Soldiers of the 367th Maintenance Company were deployed to Kuwait and later to Iraq, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall demonstrated that he was a born leader while serving our Community, State and Nation with bravery and distinction by leading his soldiers on may successful missions to support Coalition Forces throughout his area of operation; and

WHEREAS, a critical need for Transportation Officers in one of the 367th sister units was identified and Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall again demonstrated his determination to do everything he could to meet America’s needs by volunteering to transfer to the needing unit to provide leadership to its enlisted soldiers; and

WHEREAS, because of his strong leadership ability and desire to do everything he could to meet America’s objectives in Iraq, on 22 August 2004, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall was assigned the responsibility of leading a convoy on a mission in one of the most dangerous part of the country; and

WHEREAS, while leading his soldiers on this critical mission, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall’s vehicle was targeted by the insurgents in Iraq and his vehicle was severely damaged by a command detonated roadside improved explosive device; and

WHEREAS, because of the severity of the explosion, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall received injuries that took his life; and

WHEREAS, no other Soldier from our Community, State or the United States Army has ever served with more distinction and valor or provided stronger leadership to soldiers in our Army than Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall; and

WHEREAS, before paying the ultimate sacrifice for his Country’s freedom, Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall demonstrated over and over that he would go anywhere and do everything he could to ensure that our Community, State and Nation would remain free and a safe place for him and all families to raise their children; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Neshoba County, Mississippi desiring to commend the bravery, dedication, patriotism, valor and leadership that Lieutenant Matthew R. Stovall displayed by giving his life to protect the freedom of the United States of America, and the Citizens of Neshoba County, and

On motion made by Mike Moorehead and seconded by Mike Allen and unanimous vote of all members of the Board of Supervisors the foregoing Resolution was adopted.

ORDERED AND ADJUDGED this the 23rd day of August, 2004.