The Country Music Awards were held on November 13, and televised to fans all over the nation.  There were many categories of awards, including Song of the Year.

Among the contenders for this award was Michael Hardy of Philadelphia.  He and his friends, Devin Dawson, and Jordan Schmidt, collaborated on the composition of the song nominated, "God's Country."  The CMA is one of the most prestigious awards given in the country music industry.  Being nominated is an honor in itself.  Although their song did not win, the nomination was such an exciting event.  His family and friends are so very proud of him.


Shirley Cox's birthday celebration continued on Saturday afternoon, November 2 with a family party at the McCarver's camp house in the country.  The Friday before, she was honored with a bridge luncheon for members of her bridge clubs which was hosted by her daughters and nieces at the lovely camp house. 

Hostesses for the family party were Tommy and Terri McCarver, Ike and Carla Martin, and LeeAnne Cox.  It was another fun celebration with two coconut cakes topped by candles in the numerals 80 which Shirley blew out  while the family sang" Happy Birthday"  There were so many family members present.  Tom and Shirley's three children, Carla Martin, Terri McCarver and Tommy Cox, all had their children and grandchildren attending.  Having not only her children, but grand children and great grand children present was a terrific tribute to Shirley.  Frances Marshall who is LeeAnne Cox's mother was also present along with old friends, Joyce and Bobby Hardy of Philadelphia, Carol Webb of Southhaven, and Jack and Lynn Combest of Meridian.

Of course, there was an abundance of fabulous food to suit any of the guests' tastes.  The children played and explored while the adults visited and caught up on family news.  It was such a Happy Birthday!  One of the best presents, if not THE best gift, was the presence of Tom Cox.  He could have worn a ribbon!


Brook Long, who is a Pharmacy Student at UMMC in Jackson, received some very exciting news on November 13.  She received a Letter of Acceptance-Offer from the University of Mississippi Medical School notifying her of her acceptance into Medical School for the fall semester.  She was thrilled beyond measure.  After graduation in May, she will begin Medical School in August.  Congratulations and best wishes.


Congratulations to Chandler Tolbert who was recently inducted into the Gamma Beta Phi Society at the University of Mississippi for the fall semester of 2019.  Chandler is a recent graduate of Neshoba High School and is a freshman at Ole Miss. He is also a Groves Scholar.

He was selected for membership into this honorary society on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and worthy character.  His proud mother, Toni Tolbert, was present for the ceremony.  


The world traveling duo is at it again.  Genie Hall and Maudean Sanders recently returned from a glorious trip to New Zealand.  They loved it and thought the country was one of the most beautiful they had visited.

New Zealand is a remote island country located about 1,000 miles southeast of Australia across the Tasman Sea and south of the Pacific Island area of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga.  Because of its remote location, it was one of the last lands to be populated by humans.  

    The scenery was stunning everywhere they looked.  There were snow capped mountain peaks in the distance which could be seen from some areas.  Flowers and greenery covered the landscape.  They toured a lavender farm where the plants were grown in orderly rows and smelled heavenly.  A fruit stand near the farm was filled with many varieties of fabulous flowers as well as fresh fruit

Their base was Wanaka Resort which was luxurious with many amenities.  Genie and Maudean spent their time trying to take in as much of this enchanting country as they could.  A visit to Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound was a favorite excursion.  There were beaches on the Tasman Sea, with a distant view of  snow capped mountains, a zip line adventure across a narrow crevasse with fast running creeks and waterfalls tumbling down the sides, a trip to Kiwi Bird Park, and Mt. Cook National Park where they fed the salmon were just a few of the highlights from their trip

This was one of their favorite vacations.  The country was absolutely gorgeous and so interesting.  However, they did get up at 3:30 in the morning to watch the Bulldogs play football!  Although they didn't have their cowbells, they both had their Bulldog spirit!