Xplosion, a Philadelphia-based traveling fast-pitch softball team, was in Oklahoma City this past weekend to attend the NCAA Division I Women's Softball College World Series tournament.

They also competed in the 16-and-Under division of the Oklahoma City Challenge tournament which is held in conjunction with the NCAA tournament. There, the team went 8-0, and won their division.

"The temperatures were super hot, but there were no tornadoes," Head Coach Dr. Craig Martin said. "The girls played great and gave it 100 percent. After the last game, one of the umpires commented that we must think we are representing the SEC because of the way we dominated. But the competition was really good."

Xplosion played two games on Saturday, two games on Sunday and four games on Monday. There were 27 teams in the tournament.

"Monday was a long day but it wasn't anything we aren't used to," Martin said. "We had to be at the park at 7 a.m. and our first game was at 8 a.m. It was a single elimination tournament and we didn't leave until 9 p.m."

Xplosion 7
Missouri Smackers 2

Hannah Williams went 3-for-3 and knocked in four runs for Xplosion.
Xplosion scored one in the first, four in the third and two in the fourth. The Smackers scored two in the third.
Madalyn McMahon also went 3-for-3 and Ali Pike had one hit and two RBIs. Meg Martin was the winning pitcher.

Xplosion 7
Missouri Lahmin Oil 2

Xplosion scored three in the first and four in the third.
Peyton Lippert and Martin combined for a no-hitter. McMahon belted a double and a home run and brought in three runs. Pike, Lippert and Martin had one RBI each.

Xplosion 17
Texas Axe Future 4

Xplosion had an 18-8 hitting edge as they took the win.
Xplosion scored six in the first, eight in the third and three in the fourth. Texas answered with two in the second, one in the third and one In the fourth.
McMahon had four hits and two RBIs while Williams had two hits and three RBIs. Pike had three hits while Hannah Hill and Martin both had two hits. Martin was the winning pitcher.

Xplosion 2
Nebraska Fury 1

Xplosion scored the winning run in the sixth inning to beat previously undefeated Nebraska Fury.
Lippert was the winning pitcher while Martin picked up a save. Sarah Brock went 3-for-3 and had one RBI.

Xplosion 8
Oklahoma Lady Marlins 3

The Xplosion scored seven runs in the second inning to claim the win.
Martin was the winning pitcher with five strike-outs. She helped her cause by going 2-for-2 with two RBIs. Hall also went 2-for-2 with two RBIs while Brock had a hit and two RBIs.

Xplosion 7
Missouri Evolution 0

Lippert struck out seven batters as she claimed the pitching victory.
Xplosion scored one in the second, four in the third and two in the fourth.
McMahon had three hits and two RBIs. Williams had a hit and two RBIs while Lippert hit a single and brought in a run.

Xplosion 4
Nebraska Nationals 3

Xplosion scored all of its runs in the fourth inning to claim the victory.
Lippert claimed the victory in relief. Mallory Vance went 3-for-3 while Williams and McMahon both had a hit.

Championship game
Xplosion 5
Hobbe, New Mexico 2

Xplosion scored four in the first and one in the third to claim the victory and the tournament championship.
Martin was the winning pitcher with Lippert earning a save.
Vance and Williams both had two hits while McMahon added another. Martin, Pike and Williams all had one RBI's."