The Union High School powerlifting team placed first in the Class 2A North State Meet which was held over the weekend.

The Yellowjackets finished with 56 points. East Union came in second with 47 while Bruce was third with 33 points and Calhoun City placed fourth with 13 points.

Union’s Hunter Little came in first in the 308 class. He lifted 625 pounds squat, 315 pounds in the bench and 635 pounds in the deadlift. He was honored as the strongest lifter with 1,575 total pounds lifted.

Other Union lifters were as follows:

- Gavin Heath, third place in the 114 class;

- Tristin Ray, second place in the 123 class;

- Cody Rogers second place in the 148 class. He lift 500 pounds in the deadlift;

- Kalem Rogers, first place in the 165 class with 525 pound deadlift;

- Jesse Stevens, first place in the181 class with a 500 pound deadlift;

- Dustin Welborn, second place in the 198 class;

- Garrett Posey, first place in the 220 class;

- Austin Rivers, second place in the 242 class with a 560 pound squat and a 515 pound deadlift;

- Jordan Tatum, second place in the 275 class.

The state meet will be in April.