Talk about an exciting road trip.

The Sudden Impact girls traveling softball team which is based in Philadelphia had been looking forward to going to Oklahoma City for months. Not only were they going to play in a tournament against teams from other states. But they were going to watch the College World Series softball tournament which was being held in the same complex they were playing in.

But things got very exciting on Friday afternoon when they found themselves in the middle of a national event. They got very close to the tornado that did so much damage to area of the country.

"We were playing on Friday and it was a pretty day," Coach Jerry Barnett said. "Then all of a sudden, they closed the park and sent the teams, even the college teams, back to their hotels. They said that bad weather was coming."

The wisdom of that decision was understood a couple of hours later when the tornado started to approach.

"We were all in the lobby watching the weather," Barnett said. "For a while, the tornado was headed right toward us and everyone was getting scared and nervous.

"Then it turned about five miles away from us and went to the south. It was a scary time."

The storm pushed the schedules for tournament and the College World Series back and play did not resume until sometime Saturday afternoon. As it turned out, the Sudden Impact was in for a long day.

"We played our game, and then went to see Texas and Nebraska play," Barnett said. "It started at 6 p.m. and they were still playing at 11 p.m. It went 15 innings. The second game didn't get started until after 11:30 p.m.

The Sudden Impact players got to make some friends with the college players.

"Michigan was warming up and our girls went down and talked to them," Barnett said. "All of the college players we met talked with our kids and were very nice. They were even out dancing with them.

"We told our girls to remember this when they were around younger players when we are back home. The younger ones look up to you and they should remember how the college players treated them," Barnett said.

The girls also got to meet Jennie Finch who pitched for Team USA.

"They all knew who she was," Barnett said. "They got their pictures made with her."

The Sudden Impact went 2-2 in the tournament. They beat the Sandlot Sistas (Louisiana) 2-0 and Texas Blaze 2-0 and lost to the Louisiana Hurricanes 5-0 and Alley Cats (Louisiana) 5-3.

"We were tired on Sunday," Barnett said. "After the games were over, some of us drove back and got home at around 3:30 a.m. Monday morning. Others spent the night and got home Monday afternoon. It was about an 11 1/2 hour drive."

Barnett added that the team had been looking forward to going since February and might go again.

"We might go back," Barnett said.

"But if we do, we probably won't play in the tournament. Us playing our games and then going to the college games was a lot."

Sudden Impact will play in tournaments every week this month.