State Games of Mississippi Stickball held in Choctaw at Choctaw Central High School's Warrior Stadium results have been announced.

Gold - Bok Cito coached by Elijah Jimmie, Bracy Bell and Bronson Bell

Silver - Tucker coached by Bill Farmer, Ferris Tubby, Brian Farmer and Eddie Sam

Bronze - Koni Hata coached by Eric Billy, Craig Anderson, Roland Billy, Max Anderson, Dakota Anderson and Shona Chapman

The first game of the evening was the Bronze medal game between Koni Hata and Beaver Dam. Koni Hata won the game decisively with a final score of 6-1 over Beaver Dam.

Immediately after was the Championship game between Bok Cito and Tucker. The teams proved to be well matched and both were ready to play for the win. In the end Bok Cito was able to win the game with a score of 2-1 over Beaver Dam.

The State Games of Mississippi Youth Stickball tournament always signals the beginning of the stickball season. The World Series of Stickball held during the 64th Annual Choctaw Indian Fair will begin July 1.