The annual North-South all-star tennis matches will have a Philadelphia flavor this year.

The all-star game is set for Thursday, July 18 at Parham Bridges Tennis Center in Jackson. Rebecca Prince, who played four years on the Tornado team, has been chosen to the North all-star team. And, her coach, Bob Posey will be one of the North team coaches.

"Rebecca came out for the tennis team during my first year as coach," Posey said. "She was an eighth grader and we weren't planning to keep seventh and eighth graders.

"She asked if she could hit with us and we let her. Before the season started, she had earned a starting position," Posey said.

Daniel Giles of Union was also named to the North boys team.

Posey said he is looking forward to the all-star matches.

"It's a great honor to be named to the all-star team," Posey said. "I'm not sure where Rebecca will play. She played singles and doubles during her years at Philadelphia and she could play either in the all-stars.

Posey noted that during her time, Prince put together a record of 39-14.

Other members of the North girls team are Brooke Boisseau of North Pontotoc, Ann Bowling of Alcorn Central, Embrey Inman of Oxford, Arthie Reddy of Clinton and Mikata Taylor of Starkville.

Members of the South all-star girls team will be Ruhuka Didia of Brandon, Christa Owens of Stone County, Lauren Peterson of Forest, Victoria Rose of Stone County, McKenzie Rowzee of Newton County and Sadie St. Amant of Ocean Springs.

Joining Posey on the North coaching staff will be Rob Fyke of Starkville. The South coaches will be Kery Kenna of Forest and Rob Knight of Columbia.

Members of the North boys all-star team will be Carter Black of Northwest Rankin, Mike Bolden of Madison St. Joe, Jack Bryan of Starkville, Baxter Elliot of Oxford and Keith Holmes of Greenwood.

Members of the South boys team will be Jakkwon Allen of Columbia, Skyler Flower of Ocean Springs, Chris Mallette of West Lauderdale, David Brand of Newton County, Tharen Woodson of Columbia and Tyler Youngblood of St. Martin.

Last year, Sadie Shields represented Philadelphia in the all-star tennis match.

The all-star tennis match is sponsored by the Mississippi Association of Coaches.