After running 26.2 miles through the five boroughs of the Big Apple and participating in the world's largest marathon, Steve Murray of Philadelphia and his daughter, former Miss Neshoba County Missy Carter of Starkville, are proud of the memories that the two were able to bring home.

This father and daughter duo run two or three marathons per year, but the New York City Marathon is by far the largest they have run as they were two of more than 50,000 participants.

"It's probably the most fun marathon that I've ever done," said Murray about the marathon that was held on Sunday Nov. 3.

Murray said he and his daughter have been running together for 17 years and began preparing for the marathon in July.

"We just began making our weekend runs a little bit longer and longer until we were running 20 miles a weekend."

Carter said they have been applying for the marathon for several years, and finally they were accepted last year. But due to Hurricane Sandy, they could not attend.

"So, we reapplied this year and we were accepted back in," said Carter.

Murray said the marathon began in Staten Island and ended in Central Park in Manhattan.

"We ran a lot through Brooklyn. It was so neat to see all the different cultures and the different neighborhoods like the Jewish and Polish and Italian neighborhoods," Carter said.

The winning time for the marathon was two hours and nine minutes. Carter ran the marathon in four hours and thirty minutes and Murray ran it in five hours and thirty minutes.

"We enjoyed seeing all the people-the spectators and all the other runners. We drew energy from the crowd. If anyone wants to run in a marathon, they need to run in this one. It's an enjoyable experience," said Murray.