Choctaw Central found it harder to win the South State Class 3A championship on Tuesday night than winning the state title on Saturday.

The Lady Warriors made it past Southeast Lauderdale two games to one, but they had to work for the victories. Choctaw Central won the first game, 2-1. Southeast Lauderdale took the second game, 15-13. Then the Lady Warriors won the third game, 21-17.

"They made it tough for us," Choctaw Central Coach Aaron Terrell said. "Neither team was hitting the ball in the first game. Then we both opened up in games two and three.

"They had beaten us for the South State championship the last two years and we felt like it was our turn," Terrell said.

The Lady Warriors were powered by solo home runs by Hannah Hickman in the first inning and Raina King in the fifth inning to win the first game. Both teams had seven hits. The Lady Tigers scored their run in the first inning.

Southeast Lauderdale outhit Choctaw Central 21-17 in the second game and overcame a first deficit. The Lady Warriors scored nine in the first, two in the second and one in the third. Southeast Lauderdale came back with four in the first, five in the second, one in the third and five in the fourth to take the victory. Hickman Hickman and King both hit a home run and a single; Lashayla McMillan hit two singles and a double; and, Brooklyn Bell hit three singles.

It all came down to the third game and the Lady Warriors pulled it out. Choctaw Central scored three in the second, eight in the third, five in the fifth, four in the sixth and one in the seventh. Southeast Lauderdale scored two in the first, two in the second, two in the third, six in the fifth and five in the sixth.

Hickman had five intentional walks; Tia Amos hit a double and a single; Bell hit a home run and a single; and Darien Tubby had three singles.