A Nanih Waiya High School student is recovering today after suffering a neck injury during Monday's football practice.

Ken McQueen, a sophomore at the school, suffered a broken bone and a dislodged disc in his neck, according to head football coach Tate Hanna. The injury occurred during practice.

Hanna added that there was no spinal cord damage and that McQueen has feeling in all of his extremities.

"We were going through drills," Hanna said. "It was nothing he did or the other player did. They were doing what they were supposed to do during a hitting drill and the injury just happened."

McQueen was first transferred to the hospital in Louisville and then taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he underwent surgery.

"They repaired the damaged disc and put the other back in place," Hanna said. "They are waiting for the swelling to go down. They are expecting a 100 percent recovery."

Hanna said that McQueen has been playing football at the school since the seventh grade.