Strength, endurance, determination.

These are just three words to describe the Iron Warrior competition held at the Choctaw Fair last week.

Spectators lined the edges of the course, providing a packed crowd for the finale on Saturday. Participants and onlookers alike fought the mid-afternoon heat to see who complete all of the events in the fastest time.

Thursday and Friday were timed trials, with the course consisting of farmer's carry, steel log press, yoke carry, tire flip, and truck pull. Participants finishing in the top five on Thursday or Friday qualified for the finals on Saturday. The course on Saturday consisted of the same course with keg load, keg carry, and tire drag added to the already strenuous events.

Benjamin Farve was the champion, completing the course with a time of 3:59. Farve received $500 and a medal for winning the competition.

Other competitors who received prizes are as follows, listed with their time and prizes: second place - Lefus Tubby, 4:26 ($200 and a medal); third place - Shaun Jimmie, 5:48 ($100 and a medal); fourth place - Matt Bell, 7:51 ($75 and a medal); fifth place - Kevin Grisham, 8:47 ($50 and a medal); sixth place - Jordan Thompson, 8:49 (medal).