The U.S. Postal Service has a motto that neither rain, snow nor sleet shall keep it from delivering the mail.

The Philadelphia fanbase adopted their own version of that creed Friday night when the Tornadoes traveled south for a third-round 2A playoff matchup at Taylorsville.

The Tornadoes’ dream season came to an end with a 47-30 loss, but the atmosphere in the stands was enough to lift spirits. They might not have had to brave snow or sleet, but it was wind, rain and some mud mixed in. 

The visitors’ stands were filled to capacity with the red, black and white colors of the Tornadoes. 

Parents were cheering, cowbells were clanging and the band led the fans in cheering on their team. It was very obvious to this reporter that the Philly Tornadoes have a very supportive fan base. 

“I have been a Philly fan all of my life,” Philly fan Shenique Bass said. “I am a graduate of Philadelphia High School and I am so proud of how the teachers care for the students and do all they can for each student to reach their potential.” 

Mary Katherine Hanna, wife of Philadelphia defensive coordinator Trent Hanna, said she made the drive to Taylorsville because of the infectious nature of her husband’s dedication.

“Trent really enjoys the kids and he really appreciates the fantastic community support that the school programs receive,” Hanna said. “Trent and I both are very grateful for how we have been welcomed into the Tornado community. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging to Trent and to our entire family.”