Don DeWeese
Don DeWeese
Philadelphia native Don DeWeese was recently inducted into the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame as a game official.

DeWeese was inducted on Dec. 2 at the Hilton Hotel in Memphis as part of the 44th annual Induction Banquet.

DeWeese was born in Philadelphia and was a 1969 graduate of Mississippi State University. He moved to Memphis in 1972 and has been a resident of Memphis since then, married and a father of four children and six grandchildren. He currently owns and operates Gibson Donuts.

It would be appropriate for Don DeWeese to be the first game official from the sport of soccer to be inducted into the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame since he was the first Tennessean to achieve the highest level of certification by the United States Soccer Federation, officials said.

DeWeese began officiating soccer in the late 70s beginning at the youth level and was quickly elevated to high school, collegiate and eventually to the professional level. He moved quickly from linesman to referee, the man in the middle, who is responsible for all on-field calls.

The National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association assigned him as the referee for almost every important soccer match in the Southeast. He started the first local college chapter for soccer officials in Memphis and was responsible for assigning officials.

From 1979 to 1983 he was the first Tennessean selected by the North American Soccer League to work professional games across the nation. From 1981 to 1987 he refereed over 100 games for the Major Indoor Soccer League from coast to coast. The indoor league selected him to be their lead instructor during training camps for officials.

DeWeese's officiating career ended when he became a partner in the Memphis Storm Professional Soccer Team. The league would not allow a person to be an owner and an official at the same time.

Please welcome Don DeWeese as a member of the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame in the category og Game Official.

The objectives of the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame are to honor and render special tribute to those dedicated men and women who have contributed an influential and purposeful role concerning the sport in which they actively participated, to promote and perpetrate the memory of those players who have made sincere contributions to the success of their sport and to attract the attention of all citizens to the value of amateur sports activities in the Memphis Metro area.