The jail docket as of 7:10 a.m., Tuesday:

Austin Jones, 54, of 10741 Road 604, warrant for failure to appear, possession of marijuana

Samuel Boler, 20, of 519 Lamar Circle, warrant for simple assault

Adam David Thrash, 20, 13001 Road 614, warrant for absent without military leave

Ridge Feasel, 18, 10281 Road 1721, Preston, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle

Marcus B. McKee, 35, of 1022 Kosciusko Road, driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol first offense

Wilshaun McAfee, 30, of 222 Martin Luther King Drive, indictment for possession of cocaine

Shalunbra Moncrief, 19, of 206 Spinks St., Union, shoplifting

Tevin Houston, 22, of 333 Front St., speeding, reckless driving

Adam Dixon, 51, of 146 McMillan Circle, public drunkenness

Nigell Lewis, of 11500 Mississippi 482 Lot A, hold for Neshoba-3

James Horne, 58, of 13141 Road 404, serving 48 hours

Robert Alford, 27, of 10330 Road 743, domestic violence, simple assault creating fear, harassment

John A. Gilbert, 35, of 10161 Road 260, Union, hold for Neshoba-3, shoplifting

Austin Dixon, 18, of 11500 Mississippi 482 east Lot 9, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia

Michael Barrett, 21, of 522 Dorothy St., possession of marijuana less than an once, possession of paraphernalia

Kevin Brown, 33, of 3011 Martin Luther King Dr., Carthage, indictment for possession of methamphetamine/habitual offender

Sherry McBeath, 52, of 510 Colt Terrace Ave., disorderly conduct

David Freeman, 27, of 1137 Weyerhaeuser Road, disorderly conduct

Adam Lee Harles, 25, of 13495 Mississippi 12, Kosciusko, driving under the influence of alcohol second offense, speeding, careless driving

Steven Stevenson, 33, of 619 52th Ave., Meridian, begin serving one year

Jarred Reynolds, 35, of 10851 Road 701, Union, old fine, domestic violence, disturbance of a family

Amanda Robinson, 25, of 12140 Road 101, indictment for sale of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, hold for Neshoba-20

Marvin Worthy, 32, of 170 Renelton Square, driving under the influence of alcohol third offense

Melissa Jordan, 45, of 401 South Lewis Ave. Lot 20, contempt for failure to pay fine

Michael Talbert, 28, of 19101 Road 355, Union, warrant for failure to appear

Kevin Ray Willis, 42, of 210 Lewis Road, driving under the influence of alcohol first offense

Nigel Lewis, 26, of 1341 Road 1361, indictment for sale of less than 30 grams of marijuana second drug offender

Elias Vasquez DeLeon, 34, of 465 Myrtle St., public drunkenness