Philadelphia basketball Jason Broom will be doing double duty this year.

Broom has been the head coach of the Tornado boys basketball team for the past three seasons, but this year he will be coaching the girls as well.

"I am going to have to be very organized," Broom said. "I have assistant coaches for both teams and they can be handling weight lifting and watching films while the other team is practicing. It is going to work out."

Broom said he has spent the summer working on fundamentals with the girls team.

"They are a young group and I felt like we needed to learn how to play the game," Broom said. "We have been in the gym twice a week through this week, working on fundamentals. They have had good attitudes and we have made improvements."

"From the stands, I have seen that there are two great girls teams in our region in Choctaw Central and Southeast Lauderdale," Broom said. "I think we can match up with the rest of them. There are small things that we can improve on right away that will make up more competitive."

The Tornadoes have been playing in the Jackson summer league again this year. And while they didn't win many games, they saw some good competition.

"There is a lot of speed in the league," Broom said. "There are the Jackson schools, Morton and us. We have played in the league the last couple of years and it has really helped us.

"Maybe we won't see that kind of speed in our region, but we have seen it before and it helps us."

Both basketball teams will be off until school starts. As is the case with small school, they share athletes. Some of the boys play football while some of the girls are softball players.

"That's part of it with a small school," Broom said. "We will get them back when their fall sport is over."

Philadelphia will play in a jamboree on the last Saturday in October. The Tornado teams will host a classic the first Saturday of November with two girls games and one boys game scheduled.