Ethan Branning takes aim during the competition.
Ethan Branning takes aim during the competition.
Chancy Branning and his son Ethan had a full day on Saturday as they competed in the State Games of Mississippi archery division at Bonita Lakes in Meridian.

The Brannings enjoy shooting in 3D competitions. Ethan, nine, shot a 202 in his division and received the Bronze Medal in the State Games. In the two years, he has won the Gold Medal. Chancy, meanwhile, won the Gold Medal in the Men's Unlimited Division.

"It's our hobby together," Chancy said. "Ethan has been shooting since he was six and he has won some competitions in his age division.

"I've been shooting with a bow since I was in high school but start competing until the last five or six years. I love deer hunting, but I almost prefer 3D shooting. We really enjoy it."

The Brannings spend most of their free time with their church and also like to play golf.

"Like most of the people in Neshoba County, we like golf and hunting," Branning said. "But we like the 3D shooting. State Games was the third tournament we participated this year."

There were different divisions. Other Philadelphia-Neshoba County participants and their scores from the 3D archery competition were as follows:

- Hunter Avera, 178, won a Gold Medal in the Young Male Adult Division;

- Ferrell Thomas, 174;

- Larin Thomas, 166;

- Thad Johnson, 166;

- Gabriel Thomas, 144;

- Jerritt Thomas, 137;

- Edwin Thomas, 135;

Field (target) Division

- Brandis Johnson, 78

Road Races

The Philadelphia-Neshoba County area was well represented during the State Games 5K Road Race and 1-mile Fun Run.

Jeb Stuart finished 19th overall and came in second the Male 10-14 age group. Immanuel Jimmie finished 20th overall and third in the division.

Steve Murray finished 42nd overall and second in the Male 60-64 division.

Casaja Phillips finished 43rd Overall and third in the Female 30-34 division;

Kevin Kelly finished 59th overall and third in the Male 40-44 division;

Tammy Kelly finished 69th overall and third in the Female 30-34 age division.

Other local runners and their overall finishes were as follows: Colby McMillan 53; Leonard Jimmie 60; Nicole Isom 72; Elyse Willis 87; Jacob McMillan 93; Donna Edwards 97; Tamara Hickman 103.

Alandrick Hathorne competed in the 1-mile fun run and finished eighth overall.


The winners from the Cycling Time Trial Races were as follows:

Men's 11-14: Davis Burton- Gold;

Men's 19-29: Jeremika John- Gold;

Men's 30-39: Marcus Young- Gold;

Men's 40-49: Lance Ware Gold; Chris West, Silver; Tim Irvine- Bronze

Men's 50-59: Richard Davis, Joel Gordy; Steven George; Jerry Johnson; Freddy Grant.

Men's 60-69: Jim Quick- Gold

Jay White- Silver

Emry Kennedy- Bronze

Men's 70 +: Bob Glenn- Gold

Larry Savell- Silver

Women's 19-29: Sarah DeLee- Gold

Women's 30-39: Evelyn Watkins- Gold

Women's 40-49: Stephanie Anderson- Gold

Women's 50+ : Donna Mellott- Gold

Vicki Alexander- Silver.

The State Games of Mississippi will be in full swing again this weekend. For more information, go to the State Games of Mississippi website.

If you have participated in a State Games event, let us know how you did by sending a message to Pictures are welcomed but please include a telephone number.