The organizational meeting for the Thursday Night Summer League will be tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. at Depot Bowling.

The league will start the following week (May 16). If you are interested or have questions, please call Gary at 601-656-0770.

The Neshoba Central Boys Bowling Team try-outs will be held on May 13-14. The girls were held last week. Good luck to all who have and will try out.

Through the Mississippi State Pepsi Tournament held at Paradise Lanes in Jackson the first of April, Samantha Stanfill has qualified to participate in the 2013 North Pointe Junior Gold Championships to be held in Detroit, MI. Good luck Samantha on this scholarship tournament!

Although everyone from the Thursday and Monday night leagues are winners in some way, a special shout out and congratulations goes to the top winners.

Thursday Night winners for the first half of the season are as follows: The Turkey Hunters, 1st place. Team scores: That's How We Roll, 792 Scratch Game; Big Dogs, 2225 Scratch Series; The "A" Team, 920 Handicap Game; Split Happens, 2583 Handicap Series. Individual scores for men and women: Scratch Game, Jerry Greenlee, 258, Robin Ziething, 216; Scratch Series, Nick Headley, 712, Tina Sumpter, 573; Handicap Game, Tim Ellinburg, 279, Tanya Watkins, 283; Handicap Series, Jeff Riggen, 757, Leanne Deweese, 710. For the second half of the season and the end of season roll off match, first place goes to the Hog Dogs.

Team Scores: Hog Dogs, 807 SG; Big Dogs, 2321 SS; 10 Pin Train Wreck, 927 HG; Split Happens, 2583 HS. Individual scores for men and women: SG, Ziggy Ziething, 278; Sheary Swain, 223; SS, Wolf Gaines, 729; Tina Sumpter, 573; HG, Duane Hill, 303; Tanya Watkins, 283; HS, Jeff Riggen, 757; Leanne Deweese, 710. Most Improved Bowler awards go to Jason Lovern and Kim Vowell.

Monday Night winners are as follows: Strike Force, 1st place. Team scores: Off The Mark, 585 Scratch Game; Strike Force, 1929 Scratch Series; Spare Us and Wild Hogs tie with 668 Handicap Games; Big Dawgs, 1998 Handicap Series. Individual scores for men and women: Scratch Game, Wolf Gaines, 267, Kim Vowell, 160; Scratch Series, Jerry Greenlee, 708, Gg Settlemires, 559; Handicap Game, Johnie Pollock, 279, Tina Sumpter, 233; Handicap Series, Dewayne McGaugh, 721, Tanya Carter, 660. Most Improved Bowler awards go to Dewayne McGaugh and Debbie Lundy.

Depot Bowling will be open on Mondays from 2-9 p.m. for Senior Day from now until June 1st. Seniors will be able to bowl for $2 a game.

Come out and take advantage of a great deal and have a great time.

Open bowling will also be available for non seniors at regular prices or their special offers.