This week's featured team, Movers and Shakers, are all retired and spending their time wisely ... bowling!

Members Ed Belk, wife Janice, Nancy Dennis, and Mike Simpson enjoy bowling together at different centers.

Ed is retired from the Air Force/Civil Service. He remembers as a teenager bowling for fun with his buddies back when Philadelphia had a center where In Sports Inc. is now located. He began men's league bowling in the early 1970s while stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi. He continued the men's leagues while at Bolling AFB in Washington, D.C. and Dixie Bowl (now Family Bowl) in Meridian. Now Ed is fortunate to be on his first mixed league with his better half Ms. Janice. He enjoys the mixed league for the "not as cutthroat" and family oriented atmosphere as well as being something spouses can do together.

Janice taught school 18 years at NCHS, 2 years in Maryland, and 5 years in Forest before retiring. Like Ed, she recalls open bowling at a facility now occupied by In Sports Inc. and being on a women's league at a center where Prince Oil is now located. Bowling off and on for a long time, she attributes her continued interest to her husband. Janice enthusiastically remembers a tournament in Pascagoula where she bowled her first 200 game. She hasn't had any more until her league participation here at Depot Bowling. She enjoys this sport and Thursday's league for the fun she has and the chance to "meet a lot of good people thought bowling."

Nancy is retired from JP Morgan Chase Bank. Three years ago she began open bowling on the Navy base with her husband Harold and her teammates. Last season she, Harold, Nancy, Ed, and Mike began bowling on the Lunch League on Tuesday's at McCain Lanes on NAS, Meridian. This fall she joined the Thursday Adult League because of encouragement and peer pressure.

"I was up there watching anyway," she said.

Although she says she is not a great bowler, she enjoys bowling on the leagues because of the friendly people and spending time with her friends. And we all enjoy her!

Mike is a retired systems analyst with Hinds Co. He began bowling in the mid 80's while in Houston, Texas. He was part of a Men's League with his co-workers. Up until six months ago, he was bowling with the first ball he ever owned. He started bowling at McCain Lanes and Depot Bowling because of Ed and Janice. "They talk me into a lot of things," he says laughingly. Mike likes league bowling because he meets new and friendly people and it's something enjoyable.

Rocket bowlers win

Way to go Rockets! Once again the match between Neshoba Central and Starkville was a success. A big thank you goes out to all who came out to cheer on the home team. The team is proud to know they have the support of friends, family, and the community. They also thank those who were unable to attend but were wishing them the best of luck "in spirit."

The Rockets were honored for the second time to have Neshoba Central High School's Chorus and NJROTC Color Guard present to open the competition. Chief Keith Page began the event with the introduction of the cadets and the chorus member. Cadets presenting the colors were Andrew Moore, Dylan Hill, Lauren Hancock, and Tyler Monk. Singing the National Anthem a cappella was Ben Pace. Thank you all for the amazing job you did. I don't know about others, but I am always overcome with emotion to see our young men and women take such pride in representing our great country and hear our National Anthem sung by such a wonderful voice. Thank you Chief Page for staying to support our athletes. We hope you enjoyed the experience.

Louis Montesi III, the Sports Anchor/Reporter from WTOK, came to do a feature on Neshoba Central's newest sport. The segment aired February 1. He interviewed Mr. Blount, Devin Skinner, and Marissa Stanfill. He got footage of the bowlers enjoying their sport and the competition. Thank you Mr. Louis for taking the time and showing an interest in the new sport that will hopefully grow throughout the state.

Finally, congratulations to the Rockets for their victory over the Bulldogs. The boys won 4-2 and the girls 5-1. Also, a big shout out to you all for your great sportsmanship and hospitality you show toward opposing teams. You are all a great group of young men and women. This concludes the matches for the season. Now it's on to the Regionals in Tupelo at Rebelanes on Saturday at 10 a.m. Hope many can make plans to travel north to support this hard working team. Good luck, good bowling, and enjoy the experience!

Thursday Night Adult League


1) Late Comers 18-2

2) Will Strike 14-6

3) Big Dogs 13-6

4) Alley Rats 12-8

5) Movers and Shakers 12-8

6) Turkey Hunter 11-9

7) Krystal Steamers 11-9

8) Bowlerettes 11-9

9) Hot Dogs 10-9

10) 10 Pin Train Wreck 9-10

11) Split Happens 9-11

12) Thunder Struck 8-12

13) That's How We Roll 8-12

14) Bowling Stones 8-12

15) Gutter-R-Us 7-12

16) A Team 7-13

17) Ten Penns 7-13



Scratch Game: 1) 10 Pin Train Wreck 792, 2) Big Dogs 783, 3) Hot Dogs 773

Scratch Series: 1) Big Dogs 2193, 2) Hot Dogs 2098, 3) That's How We Roll 2072

Handicap Game: 1) 10 Pin 927, 2) Hot Dog 891, 3) Big Dogs 869

Handicap Series: 1) 10 Pin 2453, 2) Hot Dogs 2452, 3) Big Dogs 2452


Scratch Game: 1) Wolf Gaines 245, 2) Jerry Greenlee 237, 3) Frankie Williams Jr. 234

Scratch Series: 1) Jerry Greenlee 631, 2) Ziggy Ziething 612, 3) Wolf Gaines 603

Handicap Game: 1) Wolf Gaines 248, 2) Joey Blout 247, 3) Big Dog Sumpter and Boot Powell 244.

Handicap Series: 1) Ziggy Ziething 669, 2) Boot Powel, 3) Daniel Powel 651.


Scratch Game: 1) Leanne Deweese 218, 2) Tina Sumpter 210, 3) Lisa Stanfill 202

Scratch Series: 1) Leanne Deweese 573, 2) Tina Sumpter 526, 3) Phala Steve 514

Handicap Game: 1) Phala Steve 242, 2) Tina Sumpter 241, 3) Lisa Stanfill 236

Handicap Series: 1) Phala Steve 670, 2) Tanya Watkins 633, 3) Charlene Estes 633


Team Standings


1) Alley Gators 1-5

2) WWJB 10-6

3) Flame Throwers 10-6

4) Depot Demolishers 10-6

5) Ham Sammich 9-7

6) Pin Hunters 9-7

7) 2 Guys and a Girl 8-8

8) Black Mambas 7-9

9) Strikeforce 7-9

10) Spare Us 6-10

11) Natural Disasters 5-11



Scratch Game: 1) Natural Disasters 513, 2) Ham Sammich 438, 3) Depot Demolishers 424.

Scratch Series: 1) Natural Disasters 1462, 2) Ham Sammich 1239, 3) Depot Demolishers 1227.

Handicap Game: 1) Black Mambas 682, 2) Flame Throwers 666, 3) Ham Sammich 657.

Handicap Series: 1) Black Mambas 2003, 2) Flame Throwers 1899, 3) Ham Sammich 1896.


Scratch Game: 1) Emilo Suarez 230, 2) Graham Winstead 223, 3) Emilo Suarez 198.

Scratch Series: 1) Graham Winstead 559, 2) Emilo Suarez 555, 3) Tyler Dill 519.

Handicap Game: 1) Graham Winstead 278, 2) Devin Skinner 276, 3) Emilo Suarez Emilo Suarez 272.

Handicap Series: 1) Graham Winstead 724, 2) Brenton Williamson 703, 3) Devin Skinner 695.


Scratch Game: 1) Marissa Stanfill 179, 2) Samatha Stanfill 159, 3) Clair Winstead 121.

Scratch Series: 1) Marissa Stanfill 468, 2) Samatha Stanfill 441, 3) Clair Winstead 333.

Handicap Game: 1) Hannah Stokes 217, 2) Samanatha Stanfill 441, 3) Marissa Stanfill and Clair Winstead 216.

Handicap Series: 1) Clair WInstead 618, 2) Hannah Stokes 614, 3) Samanatha Stanfill 612.




Scratch Game: 1) Pin Crushers 137

Scratch Series: 1) Pin Crushers 379

Handicap Game: 1) Pin Crushers 396

Handicap Series: 1) Pin Crushers 1156


Scratch Game: 1) Jon Pass 88

Scratch Series: 1) Jon Pass 220

Handicap Game: 1) Jon Pass 210

Handicap Series: 1) Jon Pass 586


Scratch Game: 1) Jordan Yates 64

Scratch Series: 1) Jordan Yates 159

Handicap Game: 1) Jordan Yates 201

Handicap Series: 1) Jordan Yates 570