Hope all our bowlers had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with friends and family. Now it's back to our passion...bowling!!!

This year is starting out great.

First, many league members "bowled in the New Year" at Depot Bowling's New Year's Eve Blowout. All had a good time and look forward to next year's event.

The Thursday Adult League returned Jan. 3 for the second half of their season. Some bowled outstandingly, others not up to par, but all glad to be back. With a new team added, we are now up to 17. There is still room for a team and a vacancy to fill so don't miss out on your chance to join this great league at a great facility.

This past Sunday, Depot Bowling hosted the Magnolia Travelers Ladies Bowling League. It was the first competition of their season. Sixty ladies from other bowling centers around Mississippi came to Philadelphia to compete. Many compliments were given about the facility and the staff. Way to go Depot!

The Depot Dollies will be traveling to McComb for next month's competition. Team members are Tina Sumpter, Kim Vowell, Vickie Hill, Tanya Watkins, and Amanda Holdiness. Best of luck this year ladies!

The Neshoba Central Rocket's Bowling Team will have a phone-in match with Olive Branch Thursday at 4pm at Depot Bowling. All are encouraged to come cheer and support this hard working team.

Sunday, January 13th, at 2pm is the start of the second session of the Sunday Youth League. Previous league members and newly joining members are anxious to get started. It is not too late to sign up and become part of this fun, social activity. Call 601-656-0770 or stop by Depot Bowling for more information.

Week 17 results

(Second Season)

Here are the results from Thursday night's Adult League at Depot Lanes.

Team standings

1) Hot Dogs 4-0

2) The Late Comers 4-0

3) Will Strike 3-1

4) Turkey Hunters 3-1

5) Bowling Stones 3-1

6) That's How We Roll 3-1

7) Big Dogs 3-1

8) Bowlerettes 3-1

9) Krystals Stearmers 3-1

10) Split Happens 1-3

11) Thunder Struck 1-3

12) A Team 1-3

13) Mover and Shakers 1-3

14) Alley Rats 1-3

15) 10 Pin Train Wreck 0-4

16) Gutter-R-Us 0-4

17) Ten Penns 0-4

Last week's high scores


Scratch Game: 1) That's How We Roll 787; 2) Hot Dogs 759; 3) Will Strike 716.

Scratch Series: 1) Hot Dogs 2176; 2) That's How We Roll 2084; 3) Big Dogs 2032.

Handicap Game: 1) Hot Dogs 878; 2) That's How We Roll 875; 3) A Team 867.

Handicap Series: 1) Hot Dogs 2533; 2) Will Strike 2381; 3) Turkey Hunters 2360.


Scratch Game: 1)Nick Headley 268; 2) Jerry Greenlee 253; 3)Bill McNair 233.

Scratch Series: 1) Jerry Greenlee 679, 2) Nick Headley 611, 3) Bill McNair 593.

Handicap Game: 1) Nick Headley 274, 2) Dave Billy 266, 3) Sooie Headley 259.

Handicap Series: 1) Sooie Headley 695, 2) Jerry Greenlee 679; 3) Jimbob Winstead 663.


Scratch Game: 1) Leanne Winstead 231; 2) Sheary Swain 190; 3) Kim Vowell 188.

Scratch Series: 1) Leanne Deweese 557; 2) Sheary Swain 516; 3) Kim Vowell 496.

Handicap Scores: 1) Kim Vowell 252; 2) Leanne Deweese 240; 3) Sherry Cooney 231.

Handicap Series: 1) Kim Vowell 688; 2) Sherry Cooney 674; 3) Gail Coats 622.